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Bulk Organic Shea Butter 4lb Container
Bulk Raw Natural Wildcrafted Shea Butter 64 oz Bucket

This is completely natural, unrefined shea butter and carries USDA NOP organic certification.
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In January and February of 2004, my partner Sandy Lincoln and I did a survey of shea butter extraction techniques and marketing methods in Upper Guinea for USAID. We met, and talked with hundreds of people. Every once in a while I would spot a person who looked younger than everyone else. It was hard to place their age. I would single out these people and asked if they rubbed shea butter into their skin. They would often hesitate and blush - it was their secret!

Fresh shea butter made by traditional methods is full of all kinds of botanical goodies like allantoin (found in aloe and comfrey), and circuminoids (anti-cancer compounds found in cumin) and catechins. We recommend applying shea butter at night, so it has time to soak into the skin. Use as lip balm, ointment, salve base, soap additive, and more.

Useful for burns, all dry and irritated skin conditions (except for Poison Ivy, Oak etc., which contain irritating oils that need to be removed with Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap). Recommended for wrinkle smoothing and prevention, and for the treatment of sun damaged skin.

After much trial and tribulations, not to mention innumerable delays, we have established a reliable supply chain from Northern Ghana. This is completely natural, unrefined "raw" shea butter and carries USDA NOP organic certification. This shea butter was produced under the direct supervision of Dr. Lovett PhD., and was processed in the villages in a manner that gives the shea butter extra long shelf life. We do not know the exact shelf life of the product, but we do expect it to be at least double that of market quality shea.

We also use a proprietary process to remove the naturally occurring latex, and are the exclusive source for shea butter of this type.

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Customer Reviews
Rating Terri
I have been using Organic Shea Butter for quite some time now and it is one of my favorite products from Vermont Soap. Before I shower I heat up water in my microwave then place a container with some of the product in it and put it the hot water. By the time I am finished showering the product is melted. I spread it over my entire body...makes my skin so soft. Absolutely love the feeling. Of course you do not have to go through this procedure to use it, this is just the way I like to use it, especially after I have been at the beach all day. I live on Cape Cod right near all the beaches so spend a lot of time in the sun. This product is a must for me.
  Reviewed by:   from South Yarmouth, Ma . on 10/18/2014
Rating Ms.
We love, love, love this shea butter--its quality is FAR above any other we've ever purchased. (We've purchased many different brands over the years.) We make out own lip balms and hand creams and use this exclusively. It is very soothing to my extremely sensitive skin. I love that it comes in this bulk size.
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 9/22/2013
Rating authentic and from the source!
Love this shea butter. Love the info you offer on your site and your abundant knowledge of your products is why I purchased from you in the first place and why I continue to look to you for quality products. Thank you! I love your shea butter, it is pure clean and fabulous. I feel like it is authentic and from the source!
  Reviewed by:   from Hot Springs, SD. on 8/2/2013
Village made Certified Organic Shea Nut Butter and Certified Organic Rosemary Extract (preservative)
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