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Citronella Camp and Garden Lotion

For those who love the outdoors, but not the bugs. Extra long lasting lotion version of our famous Citronella Camp and Garden Spray.
Available in 4oz bottles.
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Citronella Camp and Garden Lotion is formulated to keep you and your skin comfortable in the great outdoors. Safe, nontoxic, green, long lasting and certified to USDA organic food standards by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF).

Citronella Camp and Garden Lotion is made from organic coconut and neem oils, natural citronella, citriodora, lavendin, and eucalyptus essential oils. It smooths and moisturizes skin and hands and has a pleasant long lasting lemon/peppery scent that lasts up to 3 hours.

This is the perfect gift for the campers and gardeners in your life. Treat yourself today!

Vermont Soap CEO and Founder Larry Plesent tested this product during a two week trip to Liberia in West Africa. He found it effective for up to 3 hours before needing to be re-applied. 
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Rating Finally a natural repellent that works!
To me its more like a thick oil, but because it is thick there is none wasted putting it all over. It also lasts for several hours and so much better than the spray, which is too small anyway. So, if you're like me where mosquitos have you miserable, give this a try!
  Reviewed by:   from Northern CA. on 5/31/2015
Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Neem Oil, Natural Lavandin Oil, Natural Citriodora Oil, Natural Catnip Oil, Organic Rosemary Extract, Natural Citronella Oil, Natural Eucalyptus Oil
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