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Liquid Sunshine Nontoxic Cleaner Concentrate
Liquid Sunshine Nontoxic Cleaner Concentrate
This is a specially formulated and powerful multi-use cleanser that is safe and mild on YOU!
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Liquid Sunshine Non-Toxic Cleaner is a multi-use cleaner that is safe and mild on YOU! Used to clean counters, floors, woodwork, tile or other household surfaces. Liquid Sunshine contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or other detergents, alcohols,  artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives. Absolutely no chemical or synthetic ingredients are ever used. Works best in warm to hot water.

Liquid Sunshine is of special benefit to chemically sensitive and immune system impaired individuals. The most sensitive will see the most dramatic results.

People who suffer from dermatitis soften react to laundry, dish and other common cleaning products. It is not uncommon to find people who are itchy or irritated wherever fabric rubs against them. Irritations at cuffs, collars, thighs and elbows may be a sign that laundry products are implicated. Anyone with itchy skin may be helped by washing their clothes in Liquid Sunshine. Replaces fabric softener, whiteners, stain removers and dryer sheets for added savings.

Floors: Add 3oz of Liquid Sunshine to mop water. Clean as usual, and allow to dry.

Laundry: Use about 1/3 cup per load - a little more for hard water. Liquid Sunshine may be neutralized by detergent residues in the machine so use enough to get the barest start of foam on top. You may have to use a little extra the first time. Always mix into warm water before adding the clothes. Softens clothes with natural aloe! Also has a mild whitening effect. Great for silks and fine fabrics, wool and suede (may darken).

Stain Removal: Safe and effective. Wet surface and apply full strength. Work into the material from several directions and let sit a moment. Rinse and dry.

Woodwork, Floors and Walls: Dilute 1/4 cup per 1 gallon of hot water. Clean, rinse and let dry.

Bathrooms: Use full strength on sponge and rinse. For all porcelain and tile surfaces.

Vehicles: Saturate sponge with Liquid Sunshine. Work over vehicle in sections, wetting first, applying Liquid Sunshine and then rinsing. Always wash vehicles out of direct sunlight.

Carpets: Replaces detergent concentrates. Works well in all carpet cleaning machines and on stains.

General Cleaning: Stovetop, refrigerator, etc. Wet surface. Scrub with sponge saturated in Liquid Sunshine. Rinse and dry. For ALL water safe surfaces.

Most products made by Vermont Soap are certified to USDA organic standards by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF), the certification program of NOFA-VT.

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Rating Ms
The fragrance is great and this is a long lasting product that you can use for cleaning or as a concentrate for laundry. Versatile, natural, fabulous cleaning product for the home.
  Reviewed by:   from Boston MA. on 2/28/2015
Rating Retired nurse loves Liquid Sunshine!
I have Parkinsons Disease and one of the more odd things it sometimes gives people is Seborrheic Dermatitis; an oily, very flaky scalp, face, neck, ears and chest condition. While searching the web, I came across Vermont Soap company and being an East coast gal at one time, I just had to take a peek at the site! Two problems solved-Funga soap for my hair and body and Liquid Sunshine for the laundry. I ran out of the latter shortly before the devastating fire. I had no choice but to buy products that claimed to be free of all kinds of things, but all my symptoms came back. I can't wait for my Liquid Sunshi ne to get here, so my skin will be soothed without prescription medications and my linens and clothes will be soft and safe against my skin.
  Reviewed by:   from Lincoln City, Oregon. on 11/30/2014
I initially contacted VT Soap Company because my 5 month old son was having severe skin irritations and I wanted to see if changing soap products would help. Larry encouraged me to get rid of ALL toxic cleansers, fabric softeners, and “tear-free” soaps. He suggested I use Liquid sunshine and the gel lavender body wash for the baby (being careful not to get it in his eyes, of course). I did just as he suggested and within 2 weeks, my son’s eczema was COMPLETELY gone and I felt good knowing we were using non-toxic cleaners in our household. For me, Liquid sunshine is “liquid gold”…I absolutely love the products. We have completely changed over to all VT Soap Company products and I am so thankful. Thank you to your company for all your hard work…we are grateful!
  Reviewed by:   from . on 4/16/2012
Saponified Organic Oils of Coconut, Olive and Jojoba, Natural Citrus Essential Oil Blend with Organic Orange Oil, Organic Aloe Vera and Organic Rosemary Extract
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