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Natural Oral Care Bundle
Includes a 4oz Toothbrush Cleaner
and a 1.25oz Tooth Salt
Two great natural oral care products bundled together!
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If you care about your teeth and gums, try these natural alternatives.
Toothpaste may be great for teeth, but it does nothing for your gums. Toothsalt is the ancient/modern remedy to keep your breath fresh and your gums happy. Wet your brush, sprinkle on Toothsalt, and brush as usual.

Stop reinfecting your gums every time you brush! Over 1 trillion germs are living on your toothbrush right now. And these are the exact same germs that you are working so hard to get rid of! Wash your toothbrush handle with some foaming hand soap, then spray the head with Organic Toothbrush Cleaning Spray after each use.

Soapman’s 100% Guarantee: Use BOTH Toothsalt (Regular or Extra Strength with Neem) and Toothbrush Cleaner for one week. If you are not ecstatic with the results we will give you a credit towards your next web order.

PS: Every one of our testers reported “Good Checkups” from their oral hygienist.

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Since using salt plus sanitizer, the dentist was amazed at the health of my gums. I also like the feeling it gives to my mouth after brushing.
  Reviewed by:   from Allentown PA. on 3/8/2015
Toothbrush Cleaner: Organic Alcohol, Peppermint Oil Blend.
Tooth Salts: Sea salt, USP Sodium Bicarbonate and Peppermint Oil.
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