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Shea Butter Bar
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Dry Skin
Temporary Packaging: Ships in bag with sticker. Boxes are being reprinted.

Available as unboxed bars in 4-packs and dozens.

Made with shea nut butter - Super moisturizing and no added scent.
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Rating unbelievable results!
I first purchased liquid unscented aloe Castile soap from Vermont Soap. I tried using it as a shampoo and body wash as well, and was so impressed with the results right away. I have never seen my straight fine but fairly thick hair so beautiful and soft and luscious. My hair is waist length and even then, tangling was minimal and I could brush my hair out wet WITHOUT conditioner which was impossible before. My hair felt squeaky clean but soft and pliable at the same time. The volumizing effect was great, in a good way. I recently received the shea butter bar and used it to wash my hair and body, and oh my.....this takes vermont soap to the next level. It was even better in my hair and my skin literally feels like silk (I was using locally made goat milk soap so I wasn't using garbage soap in the first place). I my skin used to feel pebbly....now it is smooth and uniform. I used it on my face and while it is too early to tell for sure, I'm pretty sure it has suddenly decreased my face Eczema bc I haven't done anything different except the soap. Wonderful product ....highly recommend!
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 4/5/2015
Rating I couldn't ask for a better way to bathe
I have dry sensitive skin and usually have to lather myself with moisturizers, creams and oils after taking a shower because my skin will start to itch. Not with Shea Butter Bar. I couldn't ask for a better way to bathe.
  Reviewed by:   from Buckhead, GA. on 8/16/2013
Rating Love it!
This is my favorite of the bar soaps. I've also tried the aloe baby, lemongrass, oatmeal lavender, peppermint, balsam, woodspice, honey, and unscented cocoa butter soaps. This one is the most moisturizing for me. I love its smooth feel and how soft my hands are after using it. I have extremely sensitive skin: like, I-break-out-in-hives-or-eczema-or-some-other-sort-of-rash-several-times-a-week type of sensitive skin. I've never had a problem with this soap. Love it!
  Reviewed by:   from Toledo. on 8/15/2013
Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Raw Shea Butter, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic St. Johns Wort Extract, Rosemary Extract
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