Bar Soap Crates

Our handmade organic soaps in convenient free shelf displays.

Build your own custom crate! Click here for empty crates and unboxed bars in the scents of your choice.


27 Boxed Bar Crate


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72 Unpackaged Bar Crate


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Comes with free wooden crate display, free flavor strip and free paper bags.

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  1. Works perfectly

    Amazon Customer: Limacon

  2. Natural

    Amazon Customer: 2177224955

  3. Smells great!

    My little boy has been wanting a foaming soap for us to use at home for awhile. Most foaming soaps have terrible ingredients! Not this one. We enjoy the sage lime scent so much that we bought the huge refill jug of it. We have also since purchased a lavendar one and like that as well. Doesn’t seem overly drying and you don’t have to use a ton to get your hands clean. Vermont Soap please don’t change a thing!

    Amazon Customer: ARBis

  4. Works great

    Love smell

    Amazon Customer: Chazzpot

  5. Poodle Coats

    I bought a gallon and use it with a gallon pump dispenser on my coarse hair and my silky hair poodles. The positives: rinses easily and the lemony scent fades within a few days, economical for washing two large dogs every few weeks, and of course, natural ingredients. The negative: definitely not as moisturizing as our previous shea butter based dog shampoo, did not leave either coat very soft. I’ll use up the gallon (which will take some time), but am not sure this will be a repeat buy.

    Jacqueline Mann from New York

  6. Answer to my painful dry skin

    This has really soothed my painfully dry skin, especially on my back and arms.


  7. Cuts through soap scum

    I was surprised to discover this cuts through soap scum amazingly. I just put a dime size amount on a microfiber cloth and wipe down shower door, shower walls, floor etc. No need to scrub. Scent is gentle and clean. Possibly wait a minute, not much more at all. Then spray off and soap scum is gone! No more need for chemical cleaners or elbow grease!



    Using several years – I’m a DEVOTED FAN, will never buy soap from another company. Gentle, non-drying, perfect for everyone. This soap is heaven on earth!

    Using several years – I’m a DEVOTED FAN, will never buy soap from another company. Gentle, non-drying, perfect for everyone. This soap is heaven on earth!

  9. The best soap you will ever use

    The best soap you will ever use.

    And also the best soap you will ever eat.

    Eat? Yeah, eat.

    There is always some amount of soap residue on your dishes, which means you are eating it- and over the years – all those chemicals start to add up .

    Amazon Customer: stephen lavalle

  10. Sunshine

    Amazon Customer: Natalie Rasumoff

  11. Love this stuff

    Amazon Customer: Bottom Line Up Front

  12. Five Stars

    Amazon Customer: Beck

  13. Awesome

    Amazon Customer: Kathleen Messmer

  14. Fresh and healthy

    Amazon Customer: WLL

  15. Fantastic wholesome soap

    Amazon Customer: Dan B

  16. Organic Cleaner

    Amazon Customer: Home Cook

  17. Five Stars
    Love the smell!!

    Amazon Customer: Jamie

  18. Five Stars

    one of the better smelling natural deoderants

    Amazon Customer

  19. Five Stars
    smells nice and does the trick.

    Amazon Customer: LINDA B.

  20. Smells good AT FIRST
    Smells good at first, but doesn’t last long at all and starts to smell bad.

    Amazon Customer: Sellout free

  21. Five Stars
    I absolutely love this deodorant. It smells great and works well too, especially putting it in the refrigerator.

    Amazon Customer: HSG

  22. Smells nice, but rubs off on clothes
    Works pretty well, but if don’t rub it in by hand, it leaves a thick white layer on my skin that rubs off on my clothes..

    Amazon Customer: Abraisme

  23. Works great, smells great
    2 out of the last 10 natural deodorants I’ve tried did NOT cause an allergic reaction. This is one of them! Only 5 or so ingredients and super natural.

    Amazon Customer: R.I.

  24. 5 Stars
    Finally an organic deodorant that works! It is very lemongrass-y, but I like that smell. Definitely ordering more!

    Amazon Customer: V

  25. Works for me when others don’t
    I have deodorant issues, and this is the only natural one I’ve found to work for me, of course every body is different. Seriously, I’ve tried a zillion!

    Amazon Customer: Sarah Francisco