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Bar Soap Crates

Our handmade organic soaps in convenient free shelf displays.

Build your own custom crate! Click here for empty crates and unboxed bars in the scents of your choice.


27 Boxed Bar Crate


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Product Details

72 Unpackaged Bar Crate


Wholesale Only - Login or Create an Account to Order

Comes with free wooden crate display, free flavor strip and free paper bags.

Product Details

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    Using several years – I’m a DEVOTED FAN, will never buy soap from another company. Gentle, non-drying, perfect for everyone. This soap is heaven on earth!

    Using several years – I’m a DEVOTED FAN, will never buy soap from another company. Gentle, non-drying, perfect for everyone. This soap is heaven on earth!

  2. The best soap you will ever use

    The best soap you will ever use.

    And also the best soap you will ever eat.

    Eat? Yeah, eat.

    There is always some amount of soap residue on your dishes, which means you are eating it- and over the years – all those chemicals start to add up .

    Amazon Customer: stephen lavalle

  3. Sunshine

    Amazon Customer: Natalie Rasumoff

  4. Love this stuff

    Amazon Customer: Bottom Line Up Front

  5. Five Stars

    Amazon Customer: Beck

  6. Awesome

    Amazon Customer: Kathleen Messmer

  7. Fresh and healthy

    Amazon Customer: WLL

  8. Fantastic wholesome soap

    Amazon Customer: Dan B

  9. Organic Cleaner

    Amazon Customer: Home Cook

  10. Five Stars
    Love the smell!!

    Amazon Customer: Jamie

  11. Five Stars

    one of the better smelling natural deoderants

    Amazon Customer

  12. Five Stars
    smells nice and does the trick.

    Amazon Customer: LINDA B.

  13. Smells good AT FIRST
    Smells good at first, but doesn’t last long at all and starts to smell bad.

    Amazon Customer: Sellout free

  14. Five Stars
    I absolutely love this deodorant. It smells great and works well too, especially putting it in the refrigerator.

    Amazon Customer: HSG

  15. Smells nice, but rubs off on clothes
    Works pretty well, but if don’t rub it in by hand, it leaves a thick white layer on my skin that rubs off on my clothes..

    Amazon Customer: Abraisme

  16. Works great, smells great
    2 out of the last 10 natural deodorants I’ve tried did NOT cause an allergic reaction. This is one of them! Only 5 or so ingredients and super natural.

    Amazon Customer: R.I.

  17. 5 Stars
    Finally an organic deodorant that works! It is very lemongrass-y, but I like that smell. Definitely ordering more!

    Amazon Customer: V

  18. Works for me when others don’t
    I have deodorant issues, and this is the only natural one I’ve found to work for me, of course every body is different. Seriously, I’ve tried a zillion!

    Amazon Customer: Sarah Francisco

  19. Smells great and works

    Smells great and works great

    Amazon Customer: Lynn Ekness

  20. Five Stars

    love it smells great

    Amazon Customer: Yani83

  21. Great product

    Great product.
    A real organic without aluminum and it works

    Amazon Customer: limper55

  22. Love it
    Best organic deodorant that I have ever used! Love the smell and consistency!

    Amazon Customer

  23. Love the smell
    I have very sensitive skin so I can’t use alot of deodorants. I don’t like all the commercial brands that are out there. I like the lemon smell and I don’t have any problems with smell. With the popular brands of deodorants, they leave a film or something on your skin and this one doesn’t.

    Amazon Customer

  24. This is one of my favorite natural deodorants

    This is one of my favorite natural deodorants. I love the smell it’s very nice. There are a couple of issues with it though. It makes stains on my clothes and half of the product remained in the container of the first one I bought. In order to use it I would have to dig it out with something and put it on and that’s not very convenient.

    The price has doubled since I last purchased it so I’m going to look for something different. That’s just way too much money, especially when half of the product isn’t even usable because it stays in the container.

    Amazon Customer: AM

  25. Fresh and Clean Yoga Mat
    This product has worked very well at keeping my yoga mat clean after my yoga/meditation classes. The soap appears to remove all traces of body oils and sweat, and leaves no residue. It’s now a ritual for me to use this soap to wash off my mat after every yoga session. The soap leaves the mat squeeky clean, and smelling lemony fresh. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Amazon Customer: Mark1013