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72 Unpackaged Bar Crate


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Comes with free wooden crate display, free flavor strip and free paper bags. Includes: Aloe Baby, Shea Butter Unscented, Oatmeal Lavender, Lavender Ecstasy, Simply Unscented, Lemongrass Zen  

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72 Unpackaged Bar Crate New Flavors

Wholesale Only - Login or Create an Account to Order

Comes with free wooden crate display, free flavor strip and free paper bags. Includes: Oatmeal Lavender, Shea Butter Unscented, Cranberry Orange, Northern Woods, Blue Bar and Matcha Mint  

Product Details

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  1. Best Soap/Detergent Ever!

    We have used this on floors for year, but just started to use it as a laundry detergent, too. It has turned out to be the best thing for getting those barn chore smells off the clothes. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

    Ishana in Burlington

  2. Excellent and Fresh

    These products are excellent. Very fresh smelling!

    Matt in Calais

  3. Glad I Found Vermont Soap!

    I developed a blister type rash on my arms and legs during chemotherapy. I ordered the cranberry orange soap and it has been amazing! I have not used the steroid cream the hospital gave me since I began using this soap! I wish I could give it 10 stars!

    Tammy T

  4. This stuff works

    I have been using this for over a year. I live in Florida so it gets very hot and humid. This keeps me dry and never leaves oil on my clothing. I could be working outside in 98 degree weather, and my under arms are always dry and smell good. This does not clogged pores.

    Stacey in Indian Harbour Beach

  5. Forget the horse! This shampoo is for… ME!! :)

    OK… so this shampoo lathers well, rinses out easy, doesn’t leave tangles, and you don’t need conditioner after using it.

    So… the horse can just find its own shampoo… this one is for… ME!

    GG from Clatskanie, OR

  6. Love this soap!

    I ordered the sage lime wisdom foaming hand soap and I love it! It doesn’t dry out my skin like normal soaps do. The smell is wonderful. I am very smell sensitive so I normally won’t buy something without smelling it first. I have had to give away lots of products over the years because I cannot stand the smell. Well, I love this product! It smells nice, natural and light, perfect for me! I will buy this again for sure! I also got the lavender foaming soap and it is also lovely. Not too strong, I almost didn’t get it but other reviews said it was lightly scented, so I got it and am I glad I did!

    Emilie C in CT

  7. My favorite scent

    I LOVE Sweetgrass!! It is my favorite scent. Refreshing, light, and lovely!

    Katrina in Westfield

  8. Bulk. Need I Say More?

    I bought this in bulk right before soap started to fly off the shelves during the Covid-19 pandemic. I saved $$$ buying the soap chunks and I and very happy I did! This soap lasts, washes very well, and the scent is spot on. So if you need soap and don’t want to go to the supermarket buy the bulk chunks and do yourself a favor.

    Ryan in Charlotte, NC

  9. Best Handsoap Ever

    I made the switch to this hand soap after I bought a 12oz bottle when visiting my family back in VT. I will never buy another type of hand soap! This soap lasts FOREVER! I was my hands regularly and a single bottle lasts me 4-5 months!! So, to be on the safe side during the Covid-19 pandemic, I bought the 64oz jug back in March and I still haven’t opened it yet cause this foaming soap lasts! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

    Ryan in Charlotte, NC

  10. Soap That Goes A Long Way

    This soap lasts forever! I use it for handwashing and all it takes is a few drops! Great scent as well!!

    Ryan from Charlotte, NC

  11. The Only Soap We Use – Ever

    We use this soap primarily for hands, bath and shower, and I never purchase any other soap. We love it- it’s gentle on sensitive skin but tough on dirt. I buy one gallon 2-3 times per year, and it is all we ever need for our family. I used Dr. Bronner’s for years, and this is by far the better soap. Also we are glad to support a homegrown New England company!

    JH in Lakes Region, NH

  12. It’s USDA certified

    I used this product for what it was. At first it wasn’t soapy enough. I had to squirt a bit more which led to waste :(. I also tried to use it for shampoo but wasn’t a fan. Might buy again

    Amazon Customer: Ant

  13. Sunshea Body Wash Unscented

    I am soooooo thankful to have ordered this small sample! I have suffered from cracked and bleeding “cuts” around the skinfolds near my nails and after 2 days of using this soap the sores are healing-amazing!… usually soap irritates but this is a miracle balm.

    Patti from Frankenmuth

  14. a perfect water surface pre-spray

    Yes iZaroma shines up the cleaned area amazingly. So shiny and fresh smelling. No awful chemical scent. But we use it as a pre-spray on water surface to prevent bathroom odors. It’s a natural alternative to the products on the market sold for this purpose. Tundra scent is perfect for this! You could even add that to the label so that guests know they can use it for this purpose. I like to provide guests with this type of product but cannot stand the horrid smell of the mainstream stuff. Thank you!!

    EB from Vermont


    Vermont Castile Soap is much better than Dr. Bronner’s castile soap!

    After only 1 month of using Vermont Castile Soap… we were hooked. Now, we use Vermont Castile Soap for everything… and we dilute it to the perfect amounts for ANY AND ALL of our needs. It’s great for the Kitchen… which is “HQ Central” for our farm. It’s perfect for the Bathroom… the family loves it and guests do, too. And, it’s ideal for the Garden… in a ultra-light dilution it keeps our Kale Garden healthy and bug-free… even during the wet-winters here in Oregon.

    Bye – Bye Bronner’s! 🙂 Hello-o-o-o Vermont!

    GG in Oregon

  16. “His & Hers”

    We were very happy with our bulk-buy Lemongrass Zen “Chunks”! We opened the box and it was chocked full of big chunks and little chunks. The chunks were sooo irregular they end up being perfect sizes for larger hands A*N*D more petite hands. “His & Hers”! 🙂

    THANK YOU Soapman! You sure know what you’re doing with this one… its a great quality, fantastic smelling, perfect sized bulk-buy soap!

    GG from Oregon

  17. Works perfectly

    Amazon Customer: Limacon

  18. Natural

    Amazon Customer: 2177224955

  19. Smells great!

    My little boy has been wanting a foaming soap for us to use at home for awhile. Most foaming soaps have terrible ingredients! Not this one. We enjoy the sage lime scent so much that we bought the huge refill jug of it. We have also since purchased a lavendar one and like that as well. Doesn’t seem overly drying and you don’t have to use a ton to get your hands clean. Vermont Soap please don’t change a thing!

    Amazon Customer: ARBis

  20. Works great

    Love smell

    Amazon Customer: Chazzpot

  21. Answer to my painful dry skin

    This has really soothed my painfully dry skin, especially on my back and arms.


  22. Cuts through soap scum

    I was surprised to discover this cuts through soap scum amazingly. I just put a dime size amount on a microfiber cloth and wipe down shower door, shower walls, floor etc. No need to scrub. Scent is gentle and clean. Possibly wait a minute, not much more at all. Then spray off and soap scum is gone! No more need for chemical cleaners or elbow grease!



    Using several years – I’m a DEVOTED FAN, will never buy soap from another company. Gentle, non-drying, perfect for everyone. This soap is heaven on earth!

    -Amazon customer

  24. The best soap you will ever use

    The best soap you will ever use.

    And also the best soap you will ever eat.

    Eat? Yeah, eat.

    There is always some amount of soap residue on your dishes, which means you are eating it- and over the years – all those chemicals start to add up .

    Amazon Customer: stephen lavalle

  25. Sunshine

    Amazon Customer: Natalie Rasumoff