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72 Unpackaged Bar Crate


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Comes with free wooden crate display, free flavor strip and free paper bags.

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120 Unpackaged Bar Soap Crate Kit


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New Customer Special! BONUS! Includes FREE 48 Butter Bar Amenity Crate for sampling. a $47.52 Value New Flavor Mix! (From Left to Right): Shea Butter Unscented Oatmeal Lavender Sweetgrass Rosemary Patchouli Hemp Lemongrass Zen Pine Woods Honey Tea Tree Peppermint…

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120 Unpackaged Bar Soap Crate


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Everyday Special! New Scent Mix! (From Left to Right): Shea Butter Unscented Oatmeal Lavender Sweetgrass Rosemary Patchouli Hemp Lemongrass Zen Pine Woods Honey Tea Tree Peppermint Magic Includes UPC bar codes on every bar and 120 Vermont Soap printed bags.

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Reviews Add Yours

  1. Awesome hand soap!
    This is the ONLY hand soap I use anymore for my dry, sensitive hands!! Love it!

    Amazon Customer: Lori R.

  2. Great soap for sensitive skin

    Amazon Customer: LK

  3. Nice foaming soap

    Amazon Customer: D. Jones

  4. Love it!

    Amazon Customer

  5. Great Clean Ingredient Foaming Hand Soap with Subtle Scent

    Amazon Customer: Kinsey

  6. Love this!

    I love everything about this dog shampoo. Our new lab puppy smells so naturally fresh and lovely after being bathed with this, his fur is soft and shiny and the natural scent is so pleasant for us while bathing him. The design of the label is so pretty I am proud to have it on display in the bathroom. Purchased mine at Brattleboro food co-op. Thanks for making healthy soaps. I also love your foaming hand soaps.

  7. Not just a room spray!

    I have this on my desk ( and other scents around the shop and home). In a pinch I grabbed it when finding a flea on our shop cat. Dousing the flea on my desk, which did kill it like dunking in a dish of soapy water, I wiped the mess up and realized this spray makes a great general wipe down cleaner. Probably a pretty similar formula to the one Bob put on the Soap blog.

    I enjoy the earthy scent of the sage and it does not bother my cat. You do need to be carefully with even natural essential oils and cats.

  8. Cleans white porcelain sink

    I read one of the reviews here that said that this plus baking soda cleans sink well. I tried it and it does! Sprinkled baking soda on damp stained white kitchen sink then sprinkled a few drops of lemongrass zen on cloth and scrubbed. It did a great job! Glossy and stain free!

  9. Great product that really works

    The unscented deodorant really works and lasts for hours. I am an active woman who loves to workout and go for works. I must say I did not get musty while using this deodorant. Im so excited that Vermont Soap cares enough about its customers to make such formulas. Highly recommended! Will purchase more.

  10. New Sunshea Foaming Hand Soap not so good!

    I recently placed an order for the new Sunshea Foaming Hand Soap and I don’t like it at all. It’s watery and it separates in my dispenser. I am constantly having to shake my dispenser because this formula separates and if you don’t regularly shake/mix it, it’s like pumping out water.
    Please bring back the old foaming hand soap formula. I’ve been buying that hand soap for years and have loved it. Why did you have to change a good thing?

  11. Best foaming soap-but need better pump bottle

    Love the softness of the thick foam and of my hands after using it. Love the lavender. Whenever I run out I could kick myself because the mainstream ones have such horrible synthetic fragrances. I do not like the angle of the spout as it goes shoot the dodo straight out at my shirt when even a little bit is hardened inside. I also find that after refilling it once the pump loses its rebound so it is harder to pump. I end up buying mainstream foaming soaps so I’ll have a better pump dispenser but then the lovely soap isn’t advertising Vermont soap to its users. Please research better pump dispensers.mainstream ones direct the soap more downwards rather than straight out. But love the soap.

  12. Very fragrant!

    Amazon Customer: Dorothy Strah

  13. Organic Natural Soap / Non Toxic and safe to use

    Amazon Customer: Heather Malkani

  14. All natural

    Amazon Customer: Ray

  15. Organic

    Amazon Customer: AmazonCustomer

  16. Amazing Soap!

    Amazon Customer: Dempsey

  17. perfect soap

    Amazon Customer: shoplee

  18. Excellent Soap

    We’ve used Vermont Soap for several years. The Honey, Blue and Lavender bars are our favorites. The products are naturally healthy for your skin.


  19. 5 Stars – Amazing!

    Just wanted to let you know that I love your soap! Googled organic soap and came across your website. So I purchased some and was amazed. My son and I are allergic to petroleum. We can’t touch it or ingest it. I think it’s because of the agent orange my father came in contact with in Vietnam. I know of 4 other people in my hometown alone that have the same problem. So when I see them again I will be letting them know about your products. Thank you for what you do and how you care about the earth and the people who are trying to live chemical free!

    – Jennifer L., Cobbleskill, NY

  20. Favorite foaming soap but pump bottle not best

    I love this soap, soft, gentle, works great. I would buy this exclusively but the pump bottle is very disappointing. It pumps straight out so gets on ones clothing if you don’t hold your hand in front of it instead of under it. I would recommend looking for a different pump bottle. I end up buying mainstream brands because of their better pump dispensers, and sometimes put my Vermont Soap refill in them. But then I can’t display the truth of the wonderful product that is in the bottle. Please change pump dispenser.


    Thank you for your honest review and we’re glad you love our foaming soap.  Our foaming hand soap is free from chemicals and preservatives, so it’s important to rinse the bottle and pump in warm water in between refills to avoid buildup in the pump that can cause the pump to not dispense cleanly. – Vermont Soap

    I love this soap, soft, gentle, works great. I would buy this exclusively but the pump bottle is very disappointing. It pumps straight out so gets on ones clothing if you don’t hold your hand in front of it instead of under it. I would recommend looking for a different pump bottle. I end up…

  21. I experienced the most incredible relief!!!

    I had to write to thank you so sincerely! This past Saturday you recommended your Vermont Soap Arnica Salve…I have been having excruciating pain running all the way up my right arm now for about two weeks and on and off the week even before that. It is centralized on my left shoulder, runs down my back and through my hips. I have seen the chiropractor now six times, the most recent just this morning, and yesterday was able to have an amazing hour long massage…Even after all of that, the pain running down my arm was still intense enough to bring me to tears. I immediately applied the salve I bought to my arm while driving my car on the way home to Rochester. In the time it took to get back home, I experienced the most incredible relief!!! It just can not be described how wonderful this worked – how much just the taking away of that pain lifted my spirits – how intensely grateful I was to feel this relief! I don’t usually think of most products as being miraculous, but this really and truly could be described as just that, nothing short of a miracle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you from my family, thank you from Jason who has had to endure my agony every morning. Perhaps tonight I will have the first full night of sleep in weeks. I am so so so so so grateful.

    Anji L, Rochester, VT

    I had to write to thank you so sincerely! This past Saturday you recommended your Vermont Soap Arnica Salve…I have been having excruciating pain running all the way up my right arm now for about two weeks and on and off the week even before that. It is centralized on my left shoulder, runs down…

  22. Awesome deal!

    Love that I can buy these “ugly” ones in bulk. They stay in my shower anyway, so it’s not like anyone sees them. I was extremely satisfied the last time I ordered a bulk box since I’m a Vermont Soap addict, and they last a long time, too!

    Lisa from Connecticut

  23. Love it!

    It truly is a little jar of love, my skin feels great after using this. It smells good too!

    Stina from Sweden

  24. Pump

    I  purchased three of these pumps, tried one and am very dissapointed.  I had soap every-where including my arm. Also it keeps dripping.   The pump in the container is very high, but not sure if there is an alternative.

    Thank you for the feedback. We are actually looking into new pumps right now.  Thanks! The Soap Crew

    GG from Womelsdorf

  25. I’m hooked

    So I did a test. 1 side of my face with this Shea butter and the other with Cocoluscious. I like both. Cocoluscious comes out of the jar easier and smells wonderful. They both absorb quickly. What I’ve found is the Shea butter appears to reduce the depth of wrinkles causing my face to look smoother when examined with a bright light. I use the Shea in the morning and my face still feels nourished at the end of the day. In extreme cold I have applied Green Gold as an additional layer. I am in my 60’s and have found I need richer moisturizer than I used to. Cocoluscious may be better in the heat of summer. Will see.

    Louise from Michigan

  26. Love

    I love the patchouli Rose fragrance, particularly the soap. I sometimes just leave a bar out to scent the room

    marie from Cape Coral Fl

  27. Wow!

    My skin hasn’t been this smooth since High School 16 years ago!. It may have NEVER been this clean haha 😉 .. I am here buying 7 more, this day for the Ladies of The Family; They deserve HAPPY SKIN =D. Thanks for the opportunity to review such an amazing product!!!  Best Regards, The Summers Family.

    Samantha Summers from Phoenix, AZ

  28. I love it!

    Thought I would try it out while on sale.  I ordered Yukon, it’s a light outdoorsy scent, very nice.  I usually have a hard time staying on top of keeping the toilet as clean as I like, but since I sprayed around the back and rim, it doesn’t get soiled as fast.  What? yeah, I sprayed it on, and the alcohol in it dries as you wipe and is squeaky clean, it’s quite amazing.  After having this about a week, I’m back for a couple more, I’m that impressed.  It leaves the clean area super shiny with NO streaking, smells are gone, this is awesome.

    nora zabowski from michigan

  29. First use

    I received my first 2.5 oz jar and used it this morning. Reading to leave on for an hour for more benefit I did a quick coconut oil face cleanse, applied the mask, then went about my morning chores including taking our dog for a 15min walk in the woods! I knew I had it on and was generally conscious of not touching my face but was pretty unaware of it. When I finally got in the shower I was surprised how easily it just washed away thinking I’d need to scrub a bit. It never felt tingly or tightening as other masks do. I applied Shea butter (my first use of this also) and sort of noticed my skin felt different, maybe a bit tighter. When I looked in the mirror the first time at work a few hours later I noticed my face looked rosier than usual, then felt it was smoother and felt warmer. It was like this the rest of the day. I presume this means the natural exfoliating action brought more blood flow to my skin. I plan to make an effort to use once a week, something I’ve not done regularly, and am looking forward to the results. Watch for a follow up review! So far it’s Honey Love for me!

    Louise Kasl from Michigan

  30. Surprised me!

    I just received my first nailbrushes. I was surprised and thrilled when unwrapping them. These are substantial brushes. The bristles are stiffer and longer than the wood nail brushes I’ve been familiar with for years and the brush is longer. It fits nicely in my hand and I’m sure will work better for a man’s larger hand. If your hands and nails need scrubbing to keep clean these are the ticket. Well done!

    Louise Kasl from Michigan

  31. Bless

    I use a ton of this every night. My acne has cleared and my skin is glowing. It smells amazing too and it is so much easier to use than Shea butter. I’m going to be very sad when you stop making this Larry so I’m stocking up for Christmas.

    Emma from Middlebury, VT

  32. Perfect soap, great foam

    What a pleasure to buy local soap that is way better than every major brand out there!  The scent is great, the foam device works perfectly. It’s easily refilable. And I give my money to talk people doing great things. Please keep doing great work !

    Yohann R from Burlington, VT

  33. Clean teeth

    This does leave my teeth feeling cleaner and my mouth feeling fresher than toothpaste. But it does have a salty flavor while brushing which could be difficult to get used to.  The peppermint in it really helps with that though. Of course the ingredients are far healthier than toothpaste ingredients.

    This does leave my teeth feeling cleaner and my mouth feeling fresher than toothpaste. But it does have a salty flavor while brushing which could be difficult to get used to.  The peppermint in it really helps with that though. Of course the ingredients are far healthier than toothpaste ingredients.

  34. Moisturizing, too much scent for me

    I love how this truly moisturizes my hands rather than drying them out.  However the lemongrass scent was too strong for me.  I would prefer an unscented version.  The one I tried also came out of the pump a bit more on the liquid side rather than really foamy.  I’m not sure if they are all that way, or just the one I purchased.

    Jessica from Michigan

  35. Wonderful

    This works great, and it is the BEST smelling shampoo ever!

    Katherine Nightingale from WINCHESTER, NH

  36. Love this!

    My hands get very dry in winter. I am so happy to have discovered this product. It’s a lifesaver for my hands. One short pump, and there’s plenty of luxuriating foam that both cleans your hands and softens your skin. I bought these for stocking stuffer type gifts for friends and am keeping them all for me! Will order more!

    Babs from NH

  37. another great product

    The sun shea lemongrass has a quiet scent–just enough lemongrass smell to be warm and welcoming without overwhelming your nose. It’s a scent that works in both kitchen and bath, effectively cleaning your hands while leaving your skin smooth and soft. My new favorite!

    Mary Grive from Piedmont, CA

  38. Love it!

    I ordered all three scents of this new foaming hand soap.  I absolutely love the sage lime scent!  It is so light and refreshing.  The soap feels silky and lighter than the regular foaming hand soap, and I believe it is easier to clean out of the sink bowl.  I plan on using this soap in the warm weather months and the original foaming hand soap in the cold winter months.

    Joyce Steele from Loveland, Ohio

  39. One Pump is more than enough++

    I purchased all three of the Sun Shea Foaming Hand Soap (Lavender, Sage Lime & Lemongrass) and could not be happier! With a single pump my hand were thoroughly lathered. The fragrances are amazing and without any additional lotion, my hands are so soft!  I LOVE this product!!!

    iLvia from CA

  40. I should have ordered sooner

    I ran out of the foaming hand soap awhile back, and didn’t take the time to order more.  I ended up trying other brands at local stores.  What a disappointment they were. My hands didn’t feel as soft, and some of the scents were terrible which made my sinuses miserable.  The Lavender scent didn’t bother my sinuses.  I’ve just ordered more, and will continue to do so in the future!

    Marie Kosek from Aylett, Virginia


    Wonderful! I bought this in the Sage Lime scent and its so light and pleasant. (and Organic!) I’m ordering more to try the other scents available. This one is a winner! Thank You!

    Linda from Illinois

  42. Great!

    The oatmeal lavender soap is great for dry skin.

    The oatmeal lavender soap is great for dry skin.

  43. Even better than expected

    I have been using the original formula of foaming soap for many years. I was curious to try out this new formula. I didn’t think that I would like it better, but I actually do! It is richer and creamier, and feels great on the skin.  I especially  love the wonderful aroma, which is more pronounced than the original version! This foaming soap is a winner!!

    A. Fisher from Plantation, FL

  44. Great Product!

    Soft and smooth, foams well but washes off nicely.  Great scent but not overpowering.

    Ellen Cronan from Middlebury, VT

  45. Great product

    I really liked how this soap doesn’t dry out my hands!

    Eric Shaw from Benson

  46. Cleans so well

    This cleans so well, especially my painted woodwork and wooden floors. Great scent too!

    Linda from Amityville, NY

  47. Soooo Good!

    I love your foaming hand soap. But now? With this new one, I have to say….It’s sinful! It’s like silk flowing through my hands! I just adore it! You have outdone yourself with this one! I wash more just to feel it. It sensuous, might I say ‘sexy’?. So smooth and soft and luxurious.

    Joyce from Cromwell, CT

  48. great to use on all kinds of cleaning chores

    Love the Castile liquid soaps. They are great to use on all kinds of cleaning chores. I use it for hand soap, dish washing and many other purposes. I especially love the peppermint.

    Lisa from USA

  49. All I use

    All I use. When you consider that most people shower at least once daily, and when they do they cover 100% of their skin with soap – something used that often, on ALL of your body’s largest organ, it better be healthy.

    Greg from Rochester, NY

  50. Great Scents!

    Good castile soap, nice variety of scents. I’m really glad that I’ve stumbled upon Vermont Soap.

    Metra Barton from Sandy, Utah

  51. Wonderful!

    Learned to use Castile soap for all purpose – EVERYTHING. Personal product and Cleaning. Wonderful.

    Marguerite Beal from Milton

  52. this hand soap is great

    This hand soap is great… it is light and airy…. the pump makes it super easy to use… and the scents not only smell nice on your hands, but also fill the room with a great scent… and last, but not least it works great… LOL… what more could you ask for?

    Kelley from Rutland, VT

  53. love the lemongrass

    I actually make my own soap, but love the lemongrass for the kitchen.

    Melynda from New Bedford

  54. Great scents, easy to use

    Great scents, easy to use. They go quickly though, so purchase a refill size along with the pump.

    Metra from Sandy, Utah

  55. absolutely love it!

    I have used the Lemongrass Zen foaming hand soap for years now and absolutely love it! The fragrance is so refreshing and lemony. Now, I buy it by the gallon to make sure I don’t run out.

    Bobby from Southwick, MA

  56. this soap amazes me

    I have eczema on my hands it is severe at times, I have to choose soaps carefully. Your soap doesn’t cause any reaction on my skin. this soap amazes me because it produces so much lather with out the harsh chemicals. the easier and faster it lathers makes it convenient and i use less.

    Cathleen from Baldwin, NY

  57. great at not drying out my hands

    This soap not only smells good but is great at not drying out my hands. I wash my hands a lot ( i have a baby at home). Also all my guests love the smell!

    Kristin from Bristol

  58. the best hand soap on the market

    This foaming hand soap is the best hand soap on the market that I’ve ever found. It is natural and you can tell it is chemical and synthetic-fragrance free by the feel and the smell. I love the lavender scented soap the best. Best of all, this foaming soap lasts longer than other types of soap, even other foaming soaps. Any difference in cost between this and other hand soaps is a non-issue because this soap lasts longer. It’s wonderful! I’ve started giving the soap pumps as house-warming gifts now.

    Andrea from USA

  59. I love the soap

    I love the soap….I feel good using just a little because that’s all that is needed. It’s also comforting to know there are only healthy ingredients…. nothing that will harm my family.

    Jill from Ithaca, NY

  60. I had to thank you guys for making such a great product

    For the last three years I have had terribly dry and cracked hands. I have tried 20 different kinds of soaps and lotions and nothing worked. Four months ago I began getting tiny water filled blisters on my hands and fingers. After researching and researching I sound your site and read about you soaps. I placed an order on for non scented foaming hand soap and received it Friday. In three day my hands are no longer cracked and dry and my water filled blisters gone. I have never written a letter to a company but I had to thank you guys for making such a great product. I will recommend it to all my friends and family. Richard

    Richard from USA

  61. Love this!

    Love this soap. Simple ingredients, very foamy.

    Milena from Ann Arbor, MI

  62. Very good

    Product is very good, I don’t care for the package design.

    sharon from California

  63. We love the Woodspice scent!

    We love the Woodspice scent! I use it every morning in the shower. Woodspice is our favorite but everything is amazing at Vt soap!!!

    Bryan Plouffe from USA

  64. Working Miracles

    I developed folliculitis as a result of long term antibiotic treatment. I was having good luck with the Blue Bar because it has tea tree oil too, but needed something stronger. One use of the FungaSoap on my shoulders and arms and you could feel the difference. Amazing!

    Jay Dubya from Vermont

  65. Clean and safe to eat after washing with Produce Magic

    I like to eat some fruits with the skin left on and I can feel assured the fruit is clean and safe to eat after washing with Produce Magic. I trust Vermont Soap products and was happy to see you make this very useful spray. Thank you!

    Avis from Montgomery

  66. LOVE

    I absolutely LOVE the Honey Love Beauty Mask!!! I use it every morning and night, and it leaves my skin so nice and clean without the harsh chemicals!! It also lasts long and you don’t need to use much! 🙂

    Lea from Essex Junction

  67. delicate and gentle

    This moisturizer is very delicate and gentle with my skin. It has a lovely scent and my skin feel pampered every time I use it. It is a great product.

    Beatrix from Enfield, CT

  68. Ultimate healing balm

    After years of being pulled into the skincare vortex, it’s amazing that something so simple and affordable turns-out to be the ultimate skincare product. I’ve bought the big tub of shea in the past and scooped smaller amounts out into a container for daily use. This comes out like a dense, rolling paste but it’s not greasy and gooey; it’s sort of the texture of concealer, without all the gunk. And it feels like someone is wrapping you in a warm, healing blanket once you smooth it over your skin. I’ve had acne go away, burns healed, my complexion made even and smooth and the shea gives my skin this poreless, even sheen that doesn’t look oily. I’ll never wear make-up again! I can’t rave enough about this product. But if you have a latex allergy, consider that you may a reaction to raw shea. If you don’t, you’ll never need another moisturizing/anti-aging/cover-up than this.

    Ana from Connecticut

  69. authentic and from the source!

    Love this shea butter. Love the info you offer on your site and your abundant knowledge of your products is why I purchased from you in the first place and why I continue to look to you for quality products. Thank you! I love your shea butter, it is pure clean and fabulous. I feel like it is authentic and from the source!

    Stephanie from Hot Springs, SD

  70. The best air freshener I’ve used in a long time

    This product is the best air freshener I’ve used in a long time. A much better one than a store bought brand.

    Josh from Denton ,Texas

  71. makes me smell wonderful.

    I love the sweet orange shower get. It wakes me up and makes me smell wonderful.

    Josie from Ferndale

  72. Lovely scent, gentle cleaning

    Used this on my horse for the first time this weekend & loved it. The scent is soothing & it seems to clean gently w/o drying. My trainer liked it so much that we are going to use it for the entire barn from now on.

    Amanda from Massachusetts

  73. Amazing Pet Shampoo

    A miracle!! Saw this company at the Big E and was talked into trying this shampoo. I’m so glad I did – it’s just amazing! One of my Shih Tzu’s used to get extremely itchy for 3-4 days after getting a bath at home or the groomers. We tried numerous shampoos on her but everything caused her to be itchy but not this one. Will definately be buying more.

    Lisa from Springfield, MA

  74. Emily (the dog) cannot thank you enough

    On a vacation trip last summer, we purchased a bottle of your pet shampoo. Our little chihuahua had dermatitis between her forelegs and on her belly that just would not clear up. After just three weeks using your shampoo, she was completely healed. We want to thank you so much for making such a fine product. Rest assured, we are now loyal customers, and Emily (the dog) cannot thank you enough!

    Roma from Omaha

  75. Gentle to my skin

    These soaps have a very pleasant smell and gentle to my skin. Tried other soaps but these are the best.

    Catherine from Avenel

  76. It’s the only soap I can use.

    I took a chance when I saw this on QVC since I have so much trouble with my skin; and since I started using your soap, it’s been wonderful. It’s the only soap I can use.

    Suzanne from IN

  77. Love it!

    This is my favorite of the bar soaps. I’ve also tried the aloe baby, lemongrass, oatmeal lavender, peppermint, balsam, woodspice, honey, and unscented cocoa butter soaps. This one is the most moisturizing for me. I love its smooth feel and how soft my hands are after using it. I have extremely sensitive skin: like, I-break-out-in-hives-or-eczema-or-some-other-sort-of-rash-several-times-a-week type of sensitive skin. I’ve never had a problem with this soap. Love it!

    Chelsea from Toledo

  78. I couldn’t imagine ever going back to anything else

    My husband and I both have very sensitive skin and started using VT Soap several years ago. After trying several of the wonderful soaps, we settled on the lavender oatmeal. It makes your skin feel so soft and and doesn’t dry your skin out like the commercial soaps. I couldn’t imagine ever going back to anything else. This soap travels with us wherever we go!

    Marcia from Vergennes, VT

  79. I cannot believe how good I felt after using your product

    Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with your product. My brothers wife uses your oatmeal lavender soap and he gave me a few bars. I have extremely dry skin and I cannot believe how good I felt after using your product. I plan on making this my primary soap in the winter and recommending this to all of my relatives and friends.

    Michele S from Brattleboro VT

  80. Nobody makes better soap than Vermont Soap.

    Nobody makes better soap than Vermont Soap. I live far away but whenever I get to New England, I love to visit them In Middlebury, VT and fill my head with all the delicious scents of their fabulous soaps.

    Esther de Ipolyi from Sugar Land, Texas

  81. Awesome

    Awesome organic foaming hand soap

    Christina from USA

  82. I highly recommend it.

    My family and I have been using the foaming hand soap for about 2 months now. It has a substantial, creamy feel to it that surprised me since most foaming soaps that I’ve used are quite thin. We’ve used the unscented and tea tree mint scents. The unscented at first struck us as smelling like cardboard–not offensive. The mint is quite nice. I highly recommend it.

    Mitchell from Beverly, MA

  83. I love tea tree soap!

    We use tea tree soap in our house because my daughter is prone to fungal infections in her feet and sometimes hands. When this soap is used I know that not only do we get an all natural product ( no nasty chemicals) but great results. I love tea tree soap!

    Tracey from Sayville, NY

  84. Thanks Vermont Soap!

    I love the blue bar! I use it twice a day to wash my face and I originally purchased it because people had good reviews for it as an acne treatment. I’ve been using it for a year and my acne has definitely been reduced! My skin is less oily and it does not dry my skin. Now, I no longer use anything else on my face. I’ve even recommended it to friends and family and they love these products as well. All natural is the way to go! Thanks Vermont Soap!

    Desiree from Pomona

  85. I buy it in bulk!

    I’ve used this citrus sunrise for years and I love it. I buy it bulk not only so I always have it on hand, but its a little less expensive this way.

    Jody from Indianapolis, IN

  86. I like that they are organic

    I like that they are organic. I don’t have to be concerned about the effects of chemicals.

    Anne from Royersford

  87. Great!

    Gentle, easy to use. Such a better alternative to the standard shower gels. I’m so glad these exist!

    Metra Barton from Sandy, Utah

  88. Love, love, love the pet shampoo!

    Love, love, love the pet shampoo! It works wonders on my dog Aster after she rolls in poo while we are out hiking. I use it regularly and she always smells fresh and clean and it keeps her coat shiny and her skin healthy. I even use the pet shampoo on myself sometimes when I run out of shampoo! I also like to use it to scrub down my feet after a long, dirty day in the garden. I love using it because it is safe ,healthy, organic, locally-made, and it works so fabulously!

    Amber from Wolcott, VT

  89. I couldn’t ask for a better way to bathe

    I have dry sensitive skin and usually have to lather myself with moisturizers, creams and oils after taking a shower because my skin will start to itch. Not with Shea Butter Bar. I couldn’t ask for a better way to bathe.

    Eloise from Buckhead, GA

  90. makes my hands feel cleaner

    It doesn’t lather as much as I would expect from a soap. I like the oatmeal, makes my hands feel cleaner after I’ve been working at the barn or in the yard.

    Noel from Houston, TX

  91. Peppermint Magic – love this stuff

    this stuff is great. clean smelling, it leaves your skin squeaky clean and feeling zingy. I recommend this peppermint soap

    Mark from USA

  92. Awesome soap – NO Toxins!

    I love this soap, I have used it for everything in my home from washing dishes to washing baby. I don’t buy shampoo either I use this and mix in some glycerin. Using this soap from day one my child has never had any dry skin or rash problems. I cannot recommend these guys enough. Even Dr. Bronner has cancer causing ingredients. Look at the Skin Deep website. There is not a single bad ingredient in this soap. Well worth the price. I saw a review that said the soap is too thin. I did find that to be the case but what I did was put it in a foaming bottle and it works perfect (A trick it to water it down a bit in the foamer and save on soap).

    Lady from USA

  93. it is a no-brainer!

    For someone with very sensitive skin, a truly fragrance-free, minimal-ingredient cleanser is a find. Add to that the fact that the unscented castile soap is organic and (for me) locally made, it is a no-brainer!

    Kari from Winooski, VT

  94. I like Vermont Soap.

    I like Vermont Soap.

    Steven from Lowell, VT

  95. We absolutely love this stuff

    Two days ago my neck and decolitage looked as if something was trying to chew threw my skin. Not only do I already notice a change in the clarity of my skin, but its excellent at removing dirt, and yet Im not itchy from dryness. Even my daughter who used to live in stores that carry those sweet over scented too heavy perfumed products, keeps saying “mom I love it look the dirt is just pouring off. Can you buy one bigger than this so I can take some to college?” My youngest forget about it, he lathers himself to death in this stuff 🙂 We absolutely love this stuff. Please keep it coming 🙂

    Derese from White Plains, NY

  96. The soap is great

    The soap is great and is the only kind I use. It’s nice to know it isn’t full of ugly chemicals so I feel good about that too.

    Olive from Monkton, VT

  97. Excellent unscented foamy soap

    ‘m one of those people that prefers unscented EVERYTHING, which is more difficult than you might think – seems like everything from dryer sheets to soap, even garbage bags, are artificially scented these days. This comes in a dispenser, but you can also order it bulk for refilling. It’s the same soap either way. The soap works as well as any foaming hand soap. It is not artificially scented at all, but of course has a faint natural scent from the palm oils that go into it. I have a sensitive nose and don’t find it problematic, and it fades very quickly after washing & drying.

    Neumann from USA

  98. the scents are fantastic!

    Love the foaming hand soaps and the scents are fantastic!

    Danielle from Vergennes

  99. for quick and effective clean up

    We keep a bottle of the foaming hand soap on the bathroom sink for quick and effective clean up of our 7 year old son’s dirty little boy hands. It does a wonderful job of getting all that ground in dirt off. The only down side to this product is when you push the plunger down it does tend to shoot out a bit far, so supervision is occasionally needed. (aka it shoots past his hand and onto the sink!) While I personally and not a fan of the lemon grass smell, this product is not over bearing and my son loves it.

    Mindi from Belleview

  100. Great product!

    Love the smell and it last so long. Use it all day, have it near every sink. Great product!

    Ronda from Matawan, NJ

  101. the only hand soap I use!!

    I love the Lavender Foaming Hand Soap, the scent is wonderful. It’s gentle on your hands, yet very effective. It’s the only hand soap I use!!

    Jeanne from Galloway, NJ

  102. Love it!

    LUV your foaming hand soaps as I do your bar soaps.

    Roslyn from Toronto

  103. Smells Great!

    Having tried all the natural and organic deodorant options available at my local co-op, I was excited to try this. Keeps me from getting funky. Only caveat is too let it try a little before putting a shirt on. Love the simple and organic ingredients.

    Jay from Pittsfield

  104. This stuff works!! After several hours I still feel confident and protected.

    Well, I just got Vermont Soap Sage Lime Organic Deodorant. I love it!! I must admit, I have always sort of been on the smelly side… I have tried other organic deodorants with little success, after just an hour or two at my fast paced was like I used nothing at all. But this stuff works!! After several hours I still feel confident and protected.

    Amanda from Hancock

  105. Cleaned My Windows Good!

    I just cleaned my full size glass door with the zero voc cleaner and some newspaper, and the results were as good as chemical cleaners without any nasty smells or reactions.

    Jackson from Pittsford

  106. Very good product.

    Leaves my skin feeling moisturized without a heavy or greasy feeling. Very good product.

    Rosa from Chicago, IL

  107. Relief at last

    Nothing has helped my aging lab stop licking hot spots until we used this product. Also speeds healing.

    Donna Hartley Lucas from Tennessee

  108. Awesome product!

    Awesome product! Best all natural poison ivy relief on the market!

    Mike from USA

  109. I can’t believe how well this stuff works!

    I received the camping spray a few weeks ago and it is absolutely amazing. I get eaten alive normally and have tried so many natural products to help keep the mosquito bites at bay. I can’t believe how well this stuff works! Since using it I haven’t gotten bitten and my previous bites are actually able to heal. Thanks so much for making a wonderful product!

    Christine from San Antonio

  110. I love the fragrance

    I love the fragrance of the Woodspice soap, it also makes my skin feel ever so clean. I love your product!!!

    Evelyn from Canton, NC

  111. very refreshing

    This is a very refreshing addition to the morning routine.

    David from Shoreham

  112. I love the way this soap feels and smells

    I love the way this soap feels and smells. I was gifted a bar by the soap man and gift many soap bars and other products to almost everyone I meet

    Alyson from Biddeford, Maine

  113. all your products deserve 5 stars

    I listed 3 or 4 products that I’ve tried and give 5 stars to all. In fact all your products deserve 5 stars.

    Elizabeth from Seattle, WA


    I ordered the 3 soap sets for dry skin. I opened the unscented one and love it. My hand feels so much better. Also the LS is incredible! I used it on my wall, floors and bathroom is clean without the smells of chemicals. Which is a plus because I have asthma. I love the toothbrush sanitizer too! I wish you sold soap boxes to hold your soaps for the home and purse. Thank you so much for your company. God bless!!!

    Lani from Long Island, NY

  115. Best fruit and veggie cleaner!!!!

    want to make sure what you are eating is clean? like the skin of an apple or a potato? this is the perfect spray bottle to keep by your sink, spray off your food and wash it up. no taste left on your food. Fruit and Veggie cleaners are huge in Europe where people are more health conscious, but this is the best one I have found in the US. ENJOY!!!!!!

    Karlene Berger from Austin, Tx

  116. Good Stuff!!!

    This stuff is amazing!! It smells great! Fruits and veggies feel squeaky clean after using this. This is a staple at my house. Try it….you will love it!!

    Jamie Stubert from Hot Springs, AR

  117. I use it every day!!!

    very good product , I use it every day!!! let me know when there is special because I would love to buy a gallon

    Donna from Shelby Township

  118. Love, love, love this shea butter

    We love, love, love this shea butter–its quality is FAR above any other we’ve ever purchased. (We’ve purchased many different brands over the years.) We make out own lip balms and hand creams and use this exclusively. It is very soothing to my extremely sensitive skin. I love that it comes in this bulk size.

    Maddy from USA

  119. love the gels

    love the gels.. thank you for the new “scents” sweet grass is my favorite. would recommend to everyone..

    Robbin Dodge from Vermont

  120. I LOVE it!

    I started using the baby version of the bath and shower gel when my oldest was born, and around her first birthday switched to the lavender. 3+ years later we use it on her and her younger sister as a bath gel, and shampoo. I LOVE it! They almost never need lotion despite living in New England and the dry cold winters, and the relaxing lavender scent is real and not fake! We have a HUGE container and refill the hand pump from that. I tell every mom I know about it! Keep up the good work!

    Laurie from Rockland

  121. natural and organic

    I have been looking for a product with natural and organic ingredients. As I have aged, my skin and hair are rebelling against all the harsh chemicals found in most products so your items really are going to help me get things balanced again.

    Sarah from Midland, TX

  122. I love this product

    I love this product and I wish you would run a special on it.

    Donna from Shelby Township

  123. If we run out, he will fuss until I buy more!

    My husband and I absolutely LOVE the Sweetgrass shower gel! If we run out, he will fuss until I buy more! He insists that it is the only product he’s ever used that has kept his skin from feeling two sizes too small after bathing. He also uses it as his shampoo and I love how clean he smells when he gets out of the shower. I , too, love the fresh smell and I also use it as a shaving gel. It gives just the right amount of slip so that my razor glides over my skin and doesn’t drag or feel slimey. I am a certified health specialist and am also studying to be an ND, so I’m always recommending Vermont Soap to everyone I talk to about natural and organic products. PS I also love the toothbrush sanitizer, the Liquid Sunshine and the soap bars! You guys rock!

    Jana from Galveston

  124. absolutely must have!!!

    I just got a lavender shower gel it’s absolutely must have!!! The smell sensation is incredible – you feel like at home aromotherapy. Your skin will thank you!

    Pilarek from Philadelphia

  125. I love the various scents and textures

    Over the last 5 years, while my son was a student in northern NY state, I almost always stopped at your store to stock up on your bars of soap. It was fun to load up a box of soap seconds to bring home and always have on hand. I love the various scents and textures of your soaps, and they are so long-lasting in the shower! It will be harder to stop by and say hello now that my son has graduated, but I’ll be looking for an excuse to get to the Middlebury area. In the meantime, there is always the possibility of an internet order…

    Rochelle from Port Washington, NY

  126. IT WORKS!!!

    We have a dog who is very sensitive to soaps, shampoos, etc… We tried all the “name brand” things and with in minutes of a bath she would be digging and scratching like crazy. We were visiting Vermont several years ago and bought several products including the certified organic pet shampoo. IT WORKS!!! after one bath there was no digging or scratching! We’ve recommended it to several friends and co-workers they even like the product.!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Melissa from Mount Jewett, PA

  127. Great Stuff, Multiple Uses

    Ever since we started spraying our toothbrushes after each use with sanitizer, they last twice as long. The spray has a nice aroma that doesn’t set off my sensitivities. As an added bonus, I’ve found it to be super effective for cleaning the hard water spots of the chrome faucet in the bathroom!

    Maddy from Pittsford

  128. Great for my sensitive skin.

    Great for my sensitive skin.

    Rosa Felix from Chicago, IL

  129. great lavender smell

    works great . great lavender smell

    Jay from Lakeside, AZ

  130. Long drive home

    I visit Middlebury once every year to eighteen months specifically to load up on soap and was able to visit on the last day of my vacation. As I have been happy with all the results of your products (they always live up to your advertisement), I tried the Arnica salve this morning on some soreness from my long drive home. Fantastic stuff. I imagine I will be back for more (along with soap, shea butter, and on and on). Thanks for making such good stuff… I look forward to many more trips and wish you success with your new locations.

    Michael Hall from MA

  131. It is the best

    I have been using Aloe Castile Liquid Tea Tree, 5 gallon, Vermont soap Organics cleaner for about 5 years and it is the best. I am very sensitive to chemicals and love this product. I use it for cleaning almost everything; floors, laundry, bathroom, walls, Kitchen surfaces. It lasts a long time and works wonders without harsh chemical smells or irritating my skin. My daughter introduced me to this product when we lived in AZ and though we now reside in FL I am happy to be able to order it online no matter where I live. I am a big fan of this product. Thanks for making such good products for the earth and good for people, and for keeping it a Made in USA line of products

    Catherine from Florida

  132. Awesome

    This liquid castile soap is just awesome. With no harmful or harsh chemicals it makes your hands fell soft. My husband is basically allergic to all hand soaps. After trying this product he can finally stop scratching his hands. I highly recommend this soap and its company.

    Robin Kessler from New jersey

  133. Simply the Best!!

    These products are amazing!! It does not matter which scent you choose because they are all great! These soaps clean without drying and work well for sensitive skin. Thank you for a great product!!

    Janet Taft from North Adams, MA

  134. Foaming Hand Soap

    excellent, best product I’ve ever used, very gentle, can’t be without it!

    Christine Comba from Clifton NJ

  135. Great Product!

    I stopped buying hand soap because of all the chemicals in them. I was so happy to find this product at Vermont Soap. It works! My hands don’t get dried out by the soap. I bought the small size to try it and then the refill gallon so I don’t run out.

    Gina Tiberi from The Villages, FL

  136. most gentle mixture ever

    Just rec’d my gallon–I love it–positively the most gentle mixture ever. I will never use another inferior brand–keep up the great work & thanks for the sample.

    Katie from USA

  137. Makes the best shaving soap I’ve ever used.

    Hand soap? Well I suppose, but I prefer a bar soap for that; the Balsam Pine is very pleasant. This stuff on the other hand, makes the best shaving soap I’ve ever used.

    David Moses from Vermont

  138. The difference is amazing

    I have very bad eczema on my hands, I tried every natural soap but nothing worked. I tried the unscented foaming soap and the difference is amazing.

    Lisa from Vancouver, WA

  139. love the soap

    love the soap.. real happy with the new scents.. Sweetgrass is my new favorite..

    Robbin Dodge from Vermont

  140. I am hooked

    A friend of mine gave me a bottle of this and I am hooked! I am ordering my shipment today and cant wait to have it under every sink in the house.

    taneal jarrett from Port t lucie, fl

  141. Wonderful

    I have been using a different natural deodorant that is more like a cream and difficult to apply. I love this because not only does it work & smell nice but being it is a stick deodorant…it’s very easy to apply. I highly recommend.

    Lee from New Orleans

  142. So glad to have this deodorant again!

    Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service! I also love your products and am so happy to have received my Sage-Lime Deodorant back. I feel terrible that such a wonderful company had to endure a fire and its aftermath. While your deodorant was unavailable, I tried Weldela’s Sage spray which had alcohol and often stung and it wasn’t nearly as effective. I also tried another one which I returned after 3 days and I do not remember the name, but it was slimy and gritty and had zero effectiveness. I had to hand wash my shirts every day when I got home to get rid of the odor. I also tried another spray which had a nice smell and was better than the previous two, but paled in comparison of Vermont Soap. You have a wonderful company and nice people who work there! Your hard work and efforts have made a wonderful company and products, but also your has contributed to your survival of this unfortunate fire. I applaud your resiliency and consistency! Thank you!

    Jacqueline from USA


    I have been using VS Sage Lime Deodorant for a few months now and it is far superior to an organic deodorant that I have used in the past. One application will last me all day even in high heat – and I love the feel and the smell! This is a must try 🙂

    Belynda from Iowa

  144. Effective Natural Deodorant-Hurray!

    A customer in the store Cambridge Naturals boasted to me about this deodorant! It is a great deodorant! It says to reapply every 6 hours and in doing this, it is extremely effective against odors! The scent is not strong, it goes on smoothly, it is easy to apply and leaves my underarms smooth, as I have sensitive skin. This is a superb deodorant and I am glad to have ended my search for a natural alternative!

    Jacqueline May from Cambridge, MA 02139

  145. I am obsessed with this deodorant!

    After just a few days, I am obsessed with this deodorant!! I’ve been trying to get rid of chemicals in my life, but had given up hope of finding a natural deodorant that works. I came across this one while ordering soaps, and it works great! I felt confident enough in it to wear it to a wedding with a lot of dancing this weekend, and it held up great! I am a convert now.

    Mary from Massachusetts

  146. A lot to love!

    This product has a nice smell. It is not overpowering, just pleasant. It does what a deodorant is supposed to do. The stick works well. It is organic. 5 star product!

    SuRI from Wisconsin

  147. Fantastic product!

    I searched high and low for an effective organic deodorant. Just when I was about to give up my search after numerous options that just weren’t cutting it, I came across the Sage Lime Organic Deodorant. Wonderful smell, effective product. Thank you, Vermont Soap!!

    Kate from Burlington, VT

  148. Works great!

    After using this deodorant for several months now I can tell you that it works very well. There is no need to use a lot, it smells nice, and it’s not sticky or messy. The best part of course is that there are no worries about any ‘bad’ ingredients. This is definitely a great product at a great price!

    Tamara Marian from Cabot, VT

  149. Wonderful Stuff!

    The quality and consistency of Vermont Soap’s shea butter is better than any other I have found. This size is especially convenient to keep in your purse as an alternative to lip balm. I would really appreciate it if you guys would consider putting your shea butter into lip balm tubes so that it would be possible to apply the product without getting it all over my fingers. Now that would be a superb product! Keep up the great work!

    Danielle from Tulsa, OK

  150. Amazing!

    I bought this tiny pot of shea butter at the Big E in W. Spfld, MA because I forgot my lip balm at home. It works great as a lip balm but I especially love it as a cuticle conditioner. It moisturizes, softens and heals the dry skin. It’s amazing stuff!

    Judy from Palmer, MA

  151. Simply the best!!

    Love this stuff!!

    Janet Taft from Massachusetts

  152. Love it!

    I put this product on my face before I go to bed. My face looks smooth, and clear. Very light, non greasy. Love the scent and love that is all natural and organic. def recommend!

    C.L. from Forest Hills, N.Y

  153. worked wonders

    We used this on our aging cat and this worked wonders to quickly heal the sore spot. I will always use this product for our pets.

    Darlene from Virginia

  154. My favorite for years

    With multiple chemical sensitivity, this soap and the un scented cleaning products have been my favorite for years…. I would recommend this company to everyone with or without allergies!

    Diane from Shawnee ks

  155. Great Product!

    This is the only soap that we have ever used on our 4 month old daughter. Works wonderfully and has never irritated her skin. Highly recommend for newborns.

    Eleanor Harris from Cary, NC

  156. I am amazed at how well it works

    I have a closet full of things that are guaranteed to work and needless to say, they don’t. When I saw this item, I was desperate. I am amazed at how well it works. I have been able to work out in my garden wearing shorts and tee shirt and not getting a single bite from the nasty black flies that swarm. You do need to reapply, but it REALLY WORKS!! I have recommended it to friends and am going to buy a gallon of it to refill my sprayer. I love it!!!

    Cathy Cavanagh from Sunderland, VT

  157. Great Product

    I love this product! Its so smooth and creamy and makes my body feel amazing! I also love that it is totally organic! This is exactly what I was looking for!

    Christina Burt from Memphis, TN

  158. I Love Vermont Soap

    I buy all my soap and have for years from Vermont Soap. Their butter bar is the best. This week when I was in the store, I purchased a bottle of Green Gold. I LOVE it. I am 63 and it makes my face look (and feel) so moist and glow. I will be driving back for more when this runs out. I highly recommend it.

    Janet from Port Henry, NY

  159. I love this so much.

    I cannot believe how great my skin looks and feels using this. I was driving home from a yoga class the other day, having used it after my shower. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the sun visor, and I thought, “Radiant!! My skin looks dewy and radiant!!” And I am no Spring Chicken, so it’s kind of awesome to feel that way. In bright sunlight. Usually when I fall this much in love with a product, it costs an arm and a leg.

    Julia from Los Angeles

  160. One of my favorite products

    I have been using Organic Shea Butter for quite some time now and it is one of my favorite products from Vermont Soap. Before I shower I heat up water in my microwave then place a container with some of the product in it and put it the hot water. By the time I am finished showering the product is melted. I spread it over my entire body…makes my skin so soft. Absolutely love the feeling. Of course you do not have to go through this procedure to use it, this is just the way I like to use it, especially after I have been at the beach all day. I live on Cape Cod right near all the beaches so spend a lot of time in the sun. This product is a must for me.

    Gale Roberti from South Yarmouth, Ma

  161. Uplifting & Purifying!

    I bought the Lemongrass, Patchouli (my daily personal fragrance) and Lavender. They cleanse the air and leave a delicious and well balanced fragrance in all rooms of my home. They are truly addicting! Thank you for creating them!

    Sima Verzino from Phoenix, Az

  162. Now my home is even more enticing!

    I just rec’d my order of your new Aromatherapy Air Fresheners. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Delicious fragrances! I ordered your lavender, patchouli (my personal fragrance – wear it daily) and lemongrass. Each one creates a long lasting, uplifting note. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I ordered the 16 oz refills and will continue to do so. My home is even more enticing with this wonderful product. Sincerely, Sima V

    Sima V from Phoenix, AZ

  163. Stinky Dog!

    My husband purchased a bottle of the patchouli hemp shower gel from a local whole foods store. I had run out of my normal dog shampoo and decided to use this until I bought more. It was the best stuff Ive ever used on them. They smelled fantastic and it lasted for weeks unlike other dog shampoos. Well yesterday your soap was put up to a major challenge. My lab got sprayed by a skunk and smelled horrible. I scrubbed her down with your soap and the horrible smell was gone. Not even a lingering of it. My husband was at work at the time and I waited till he came home to say anything. He had no idea. Just thought I bathed the dog and she smelled wonderful. Once I told him what happened he was absolutely amazed! You have made us very happy customers!!! Thank You!

    Crissy from Pennsylvania

  164. wonderful!

    I have been using this shower gel for about 4 months now and I absolutley love it. It smells and cleans wonderfully withought leaving skin dry. I will order more products; also want to check out the cleaning soaps as well. Thank you for healthy, eco honest product!

    Charlee Bajer from Sacramento CA

  165. Favourite Way to Purchase Soap

    I’ve always loved to buy my soap in bulk, and this box of cosmetic seconds is a great way to save money, buy in bulk, reduce packaging use, and still get the flavours of soap that least irritate my fragrance sensitivities! Thank you, Vermont Soap, for making these slightly less expensive and cosmetically “subpar” cuts of soap available for purchase!

    Savannah from Rockport, MA

  166. Hardwood Maple Soap Dish

    I bought 10 of these soap dishes before the fire. I am using 5 in my home and have given the rest away to friends who buy soap from me. I would recommend this soap dish to everyone. It really helps extend the life of home made soap.

    Linda Dudas from Zanesville, OH

  167. Pet shampoo the Best

    I discovered Vermont pet shampoo at the big E many years ago. I have gone there almost every year into the Vermont house to purchase it. I was saddened this year as I again went into the Vermont house and no soap was to be found. Me and my puppy I missing the product. I will have to become an on-line shopper.

    Sharon Kurtzman from Norwalk CT

  168. Love this shampoo A+++

    Being a successful groomer I am always looking for great, safe and natural products for my clients. Finally found a shampoo that works fantastic, even on my most sensitive skin doggies. It is not harsh on my hands and its like aromatherapy for me while I am bathing them because of the natural essential oils…I am in love with this product! My doggies come out clean and fluffy! So glad I found it!

    Melissa Donley from East Northport , NY

  169. This is the BEST shampoo!!

    This is the BEST shampoo!! I have tried every shampoo on my dog and she would break out in big red bumps all over her body and itch non stop. This shampoo is amazing, she has never itched once since using this shampoo! Laney loves her bathes now! I can’t thank you enough for this product. My dog is happy to have a bath and her coat is so soft and beautiful.

    kelly from Nebraska

  170. Love this shampoo!

    Love this shampoo! My portuguese water dogs’ coats shine and smell great for days after a bath. Leaves their hair shiny and soft. Also bath labs and woodles with the same results.

    Mary Beth Johnson from Oak Island, NC

  171. A Huge Suprise

    I had never heard of tooth salt, and it seemed a bit weird, but had a free coupon to try it. I was so surprised, this is my favorite tooth cleaner ever… It’s so gentle and your teeth and mouth feel so clean, way cleaner than any SLS free or non-flouride toothpaste I have ever tried. I love it.

    Clarissa from Los Angeles

  172. Great alternative to regular toothpaste

    This is a great alternative to regular, chemically laden toothpaste. It does take some getting used to as it’s salty & not sweet and it is dry not creamy. Once you get over these changes, it really is a great alternative to your regular toothpaste.

    Lee from New Orleans

  173. This is GREAT!

    Though not the greatest whitening product, I highly recommend this Tooth Salt. My dental check-ups have been perfect since I started using this Salt. No plaque buildup. My mouth and teeth feel so much cleaner. I recommend this to everyone I know.

    Judy from Saint Louis, Mo

  174. Keeps Me Going

    I’ve come to rely on this product and have replaced many ibuprofens by using this instead. Smells much better than the conventional products and works just as well. Really amazing stuff!

    JJ from Pittsford, VT

  175. Sacred Sage Spray

    I love this spray! I used to burn sage, both for the smell and cleansing ritual tied to it, but this spray is amazing and so much easier to use. The smell is amazing.

    Carol Bradford from Columbus, Ohio

  176. Fabulous cleaning product for the home

    The fragrance is great and this is a long lasting product that you can use for cleaning or as a concentrate for laundry. Versatile, natural, fabulous cleaning product for the home.

    Kelly from Boston MA

  177. Retired nurse loves Liquid Sunshine!

    I have Parkinsons Disease and one of the more odd things it sometimes gives people is Seborrheic Dermatitis; an oily, very flaky scalp, face, neck, ears and chest condition. While searching the web, I came across Vermont Soap company and being an East coast gal at one time, I just had to take a peek at the site! Two problems solved-Funga soap for my hair and body and Liquid Sunshine for the laundry. I ran out of the latter shortly before the devastating fire. I had no choice but to buy products that claimed to be free of all kinds of things, but all my symptoms came back. I can’t wait for my Liquid Sunshi ne to get here, so my skin will be soothed without prescription medications and my linens and clothes will be soft and safe against my skin.

    j Julie Heston from Lincoln City, Oregon

  178. Amazing soaps

    This product is awesome, I tried the peppermint & orange scents and they are amazing soaps for the bath, shower & sink.

    Kelly from Boston MA

  179. Wonderful soap

    I use the this wonderful soap as a base for an all in one skin natural skin product. Reversed signs of aging, toner , astringent, acne preventative and healer, skin brightener,dark circle and dark mark remover. My younger sister says I look younger than her! I’ve used it for two months and the change is amazing. Great product! The kids love it too.

    Annette Fournier from PA

  180. I love this stuff

    I put it in my kitchen sink with some baking soda and it takes out all the stains without chemicals. Doesn’t get any better than that!

    Candace from Southern Californa

  181. Wonderful find

    All I can say is “zippity-doo dah” -I have searched and tried every natural deodorant out there and thought I would have to settle for the …questionable arm-pits. Not anymore!! I can tell you from a woman who actually does sweat, this wonderful find is terrific and lasted all day the first time I used it. A huge and grateful thank you to the soapman for this product.

    Amanda from Tennessee

  182. Leaves me smelling fresh

    My grandson told me I smelled…and I did! No matter what deodorant I tried, I still had an upleasant odor until I discovered Sage Lime Organic Deodorant, it leaves me smelling and feeling fresh. It is a very pleasant scent and I have had no problem with perspiration either. It’s great!!

    Teresa M from Fla

  183. Best I have found

    This is the best organic/nontoxic deodorant I have found on the market. Not only does it actually work, but it doesn’t make me break out and I noticed it helped to lighten the dark skin of my arm pits. I am so glad to have this for my daughters who are just starting to use deodorant.

    Sarah from Baker City

  184. Amazing product.

    Have tried lots of “organic” soaps and have access to many good products produced in my state, but when I used the Citrus Sunrise bar that was a compliment in a mountain cabin we stayed in this fall, I was completely taken by the way this made my skin feel and the lovely delicate scent. NOT overpowering or irritating. My partner has fair sensitive skin and he loved it as well. This is a MUST HAVE all year long, as far as I am concerned.

    Billie from North Carolina

  185. Worked Wonders!

    ….With only one application, Green Gold worked wonders for a skin irritation that I had. I love how the lavender scent blends with the other ingredients.

    Rosie from Torrington, CT

  186. Lemongrass Shower Gel

    My husband and I are addicted to this shower gel. This transformed my husbands dry sensitive skin. Leaves your skin clean and so soft. Plus the biggest bonus is its good for you..none of the harsh chemicals.

    Michelle from Macomb county MI

  187. Awesome!

    Love that I can buy these “ugly” ones in bulk. They stay in my shower anyway, so it’s not like anyone sees them. I was extremely satisfied the last time I ordered a bulk box since I’m a Vermont Soap addict, and they last a long time, too!

    Lisa from Connecticut

  188. Simplicity is bliss

    I have been using Tooth Salt for about a year now, with great results. I was having trouble with reactions from flavor oils in natural toothpastes so I decided to switch to this and found a winner. My dental hygienist was impressed with how good my teeth and gums were last visit and she has switched to using Tooth Salt as well! It gives my teeth that “just been to the dentist” feeling more than any toothpaste ever did.

    Jessica from Maine

  189. Mrs.

    I LOVE this brick soap. I’ve been ordering this for myself and for gifts. I used to buy it from QVC and later through your company. I especially like it during the months. It keeps my skin soft and it does not dry out during the winter.

    Rose Dragan from Pittsburgh,PA

  190. Fantastic soap!

    This is the best made, natural soap sold at an affordable price! I encourage you to try it, and then be a happy Vermont Soap customer! Made in the great USA! Enjoy!

    Larry from NYC

  191. Best ever

    I have very sensitive skin. I have to use hand cream 7 or more times a day usually with this soap I use it once. I just ran out and grabbed an unscented organic hand soap, I’m back to 7 times a day with heavy cream. It is the best!

    Lisa from Vancouver,WA

  192. My personal fave

    I love Vermont almost as much as its soaps. So glad my son attended Middlebury or I never would have known about Vermont Soap. …and the butter bar? Do I spread it on my toast or shower with it? ….lovely, soft, and my personal fave. Can’t wait for my delivery!

    jeanne mccarthy from san francisco ca

  193. The dentist was amazed

    Since using salt plus sanitizer, the dentist was amazed at the health of my gums. I also like the feeling it gives to my mouth after brushing.

    Mary Bongiorno from Allentown PA

  194. Addicted!

    So I am absolutely in love with this buddah! I was expecting it to be more mushy, but it’s rather solid, slightly more so than your general Chapstick. Luxuriously smooth, and absorbs quickly. Makes my fingernails shine as if they were freshly buffed. Have been using it on my feet for about 5 days now and notice a significant softening of heels. Scent is natural… Hard to describe but pleasant and soft. However, I am a little upset that I paid $18!! Why the decrease in price less than a week later?! 4 stars for that, but product gets a 5!!!

    Ashley K from Chicago, IL

  195. Love it!

    I was looking for a truly organic, natural replacement for traditional toothpaste and stumbled across the Neem Tooth Salt. I love Vermont Soap Company products and this one did not disappoint. My teeth feel thoroughly clean and polished after using the tooth salt. My mouth feels pleasantly refreshed without the burning, overpowering minty residue that traditional toothpaste leaves behind. Just knowing that I am not putting any chemicals or plastic “scrubbing” beads in my mouth gives me great peace of mind and having it be a product that performs with superiority is icing on the organic cake!

    JodyB from Rochester, NY

  196. laundry

    I have used this Sunshine Cleaner and works well on my laundry. As an added bonus it had taken the smell out of my machine. I had used only “natural” laundry cleaners but they all left a horrible smell in my washer but after using Sunshine just a few times it is gone. thank you

    Rosemary from MA

  197. WOW!!!

    I have used your Liquid Sunshine for many years… thank you for your excellent products… I use it also for showering… WOW!!!

    Mike S. from usa

  198. So pleased!

    I’m a newbie to Liquid Sunshine. I ordered 2 gallons with the 50% off sale and I’m thrilled at both the scent and the versatility of this product in my home. My husband and I have been using diluted castile soap for dishes, diluted vinegar for most cleaning jobs and homemade laundry soap. I can see that Liquid Sunshine will fit right into our natural cleaning arsenal.

    Cheryl Johnson from Boscawen, NH

  199. this scent is amazing

    after purchasing aloe unscented and shea butter bar, I bought this liquid sunshine a little skeptically because I really hate orange essential oil smell. But this…..this is an amazing scent. Hard to describe. Not offensive in the least….definitely citrusy but a bright, brilliant sparkling smell. I can’t stop washing things with it so I can smell the aroma. I used this as laundry soap and when I opened the washing machine, a wonderful light scent lingered. For my front loader, I don’t use the dispenser cup, but mix warm water plus the soap in a measuring cup and pour it directly onto the clothes and run the cycle. It works well that way. It is high quality soap….I wish it wasn’t as pricy or I didn’t have to use as much for laundry because it is all I want to use now. If I use a quarter cup to third cup on load (let’s say, quarter cup), that’s four loads to a cup, and 16 cups in a gallon. That works out to $50 a gallon plus about $13 for shipping for me for 64 loads. So I am using it on and off rather than exclusively.

    Angela from Michigan

  200. Sweet grass Castile liquid

    Great scent, lathers just enough. Makes my hair fuller.

    Maureen Wase from Maryland

  201. Love it!

    I’ve tried your product(s), finally! I had the pleasure of visiting Rochester in April & again, earlier this month, July, 2015. The house that I stayed in had this cool pump soap! Not only did the soap come out already foaming, but the smell was so sweetly pleasant! I read the label & discovered that I’d truly been living under a rock, ha ha, Like a little child I swiftly asked directions to your company, thinking I’d surely bee line it there. Sadly I missed that trip. Would love to use your products exclusively- making the jump to green is a little challenging but such a sensory delight. Thank you!

    Lisa Draper from Saint Johnsbury Vermont

  202. quality soap

    I have used the aloe unscented version of this soap for laundry, shampoo, body wash, hand soap, so far. Really excellent stuff. It took about two separate showers before my hair responded to this soap and now it is insanely beautiful …I’ve never had hair like this! I have switched to shea butter bar and like it even a little better for shower needs including hair. I wish there was a dish soap version that was thicker….just consistency wise because it is hard to dribble out when it is so thin. I looked if I could use the shower gel for that but it isn’t recommended bc it is formulated to be moisturizing so not for dish washing. I have solved the dribbling problem by putting into a cheap spray bottle at my skin and spraying on dish cloth or dish or hands and washing. Great soap….excellent!

    Angela from Michigan

  203. Great stuff!

    This is the best deal I could find on natural soap. The liquid castile soap cleans our hands well. Being sensitive to man-made fragrances, I opt for this company–I’ve used them for over a year and I’m really happy with their stuff! Thanks a lot!

    Susan from Round Rock, TX

  204. Works harder than normal soap!

    Vermont Soaps hand soap takes the aggravating chore out of washing my hands because it smells so good, especially the lavender, but the bonus is the frothy foam feels like it’s working harder than normal soap. Truth is, it works harder than normal soap!

    David Marcmann from New Jersey

  205. Unscented… But with a scent.

    This review is for the unscented foaming hand soap. The soap foams up really well and cleans my hands thoroughly. As one other reviewer mentioned, the pump does squirt out at a weird angle… So either push down as slow as you can or try to cup your hand up and over the spout so you catch it all. Although the soap is technically unscented, there is a basic natural smell to it… Took me some getting used to but now enjoyable. Also bought the sweet grass but I think I am going to get the lavender next. Not sure why I didn’t try that one first… I guess I wanted to be adventurous! Good product, 4 stars for price and pump bottle issue.

    Ashley K from Chicago, IL

  206. Good soap, “interesting” scent

    The sweet grass foaming hand soap is great. I picked this scent based on reviews but still had no idea what to expect. To be honest, at first I was not a fan. It smells like nothing I’ve ever experienced. However, after using it a few times, it has grown on me. Sweetgrass is definitely a good description but it is hard to describe even now! It is very effective as a soap should be. As one other reviewer mentioned, the dispenser does squirt it out at an angle, so be sure to pump it slow or try to “cup” your hand around the spout. I will try a different scent once I am through with this bottle.

    Ashley K from Chicago, IL

  207. Best Soap Ever!

    My 18 year old daughter asked me where I bought this soap. I thought she was going to complain about it (we have bought the name brand highly perfumed ones “everyone” loves at the mall for years), but I was wrong. She told me it was the best soap ever, gets her hands the cleanest they have ever felt and she loves the “scent” of the unscented soap. Just ordered the refill.

    Nicole Shady from Indiana

  208. Foaming Handsoap

    The Foaming Handsoap is one of the best handsoaps I’ve used. I love that it is made to USDA organic standards. I can pronounce and recognize every ingredient in the soap. The foaming pump is great and the available scents are great! My request is that you start selling a bundle of the different scents in the 16 oz refill so that you can try all the scents.

    Shannon Copenhaver from Doylestown, PA

  209. BEST EVER!!

    Just received my order of Liquid Sunshine Dish Foam. Used it to do dishes tonight and I’m HOOKED!! It cleaned our coffee cups of all the stains with 2 swipes of the scrubby. Wow!! I’m impressed. Cleaned the stainless steel corn pot to a beautiful shine, like brand new. This is MY new dish soap – Thanks Vermont Soap for this awesome product!! I’m back for more to stock up.

    Barbara Eaton from New Hampshire

  210. Finally a natural repellent that works!

    To me its more like a thick oil, but because it is thick there is none wasted putting it all over. It also lasts for several hours and so much better than the spray, which is too small anyway. So, if you’re like me where mosquitos have you miserable, give this a try!

    Debi from Northern CA

  211. Excellent products

    I just receive the package yesterday. It takes more than two weeks to arrive Hong Kong and i have bought over US$180 different kinds of products. I just tried this Shea Butter,I found the products that can help ease my little one ‘s Eczema after one day use. I am going to order more even the shipping rate is extremely high to ship to Hong Kong. Thanks Vermont. All Vermont products smells good and give relaxing feeling.

    Charisse Cheng from Hong Kong

  212. Great product, I want more NOW!

    I just returned from Vermont Outdoor Woman’s Doe Camp, where this travel size shea butter was included in our welcome packets. It is such a wonderful product that I had to come right on this site and buy a larger size immediately, and I have only been home 2 hours. I have been using another shea butter brand on my face before bed for several years. It makes my face look younger, managing fine lines and discolorations. The Vermont brand spreads more easily. I want more NOW!

    Emmie from Henniker, NH

  213. devoted customer

    better than excellent for dry skin, non greasy, WONDERFUL can’t be without it

    Christine Flapp from Clifton NJ

  214. I love this stuff!!

    I love this stuff!!! I have bad acne and am on my third week of accutane treatment. My skin was so dry raw and broken out. I started using this twice a day and it has really calmed down my skin. It’s not so flaky, red and stingy anymore. My skin looks greasy when I first put it on, but it absorbs pretty quickly and loses the shine. I’ll be stocking up on this stuff for the winter:)

    Kristen from Billerica MA

  215. Best Product Ever

    For months I have been trying different acne remedies from dermatologists and all of them have failed to work, but within just 4 days of using this Vermont Clay soap my skin has greatly improved. This is the best thing I could have possibly found. I’ve never gotten anything so effective. Works fantastic for oily skin and helps to balance my combination skin.

    Alyssa from New Jersey

  216. I gave up using soap until I tried Vermont Soap

    I stopped using soap until I stopped at you Middlebury Outlet this summer. I purchased I believe the Rosemary Herb . I love it . The smell is incredible and its not at all drying on my skin. I am back using soap and recently purchased the butter bar and I can’t wait for it to arrive . I am a Vermont Soap Lover and will continue to purchase from you. I love that you can buy the seconds they are wonderful . Keep making great natural scents.

    Marian Lizon from Outlet store

  217. Great stuff!

    Just thought you’d like to know, fungasoap completely cleared up some spots of Tinea versicolor I had on my chest. The prescription medicine for that is strong and toxic and I didn’t want to use it, so I tried your soap. Using it per your directions didn’t work, so I applied it twice a day and just left it on, no rinsing off. It took maybe two weeks, but the spots are now gone, even the discoloration! To understand how amazing this is, you have to know, Tinnia v is pretty stubborn, and sometimes the discoloration is permanent. I had had those spots for a very long time. THANK YOU for this wonderful product!

    homebody from Vermont

  218. Radiance in a jar!

    Green Gold is pure radiance in a jar. I’ve been using it for a few months and my skin tone and evenness have dramatically improved. My skin in general is much clearer. This moisturizer is greasy when first applied, but a little goes a very long way and it absorbs after a little massage and leaves a radiant glow. The best part is that this is all achieved through natural, organic ingredients.

    JB from Rochester, NY

  219. Worked like a charm

    I don’t know if this is a new use for Green Gold but it was new to me. I used it on a grandchilds diaper rash. It worked like a charm! Also for a mature persons irritation from bladder control issues. It’s not messy, is discreet, soothing, healing, deodorizing and virtually non staining. what little if any staining to garments occurs easily launders out with your Castile soap in the wash. This product is Genius!

    Annette Fournier from North East PA

  220. Shea Butter Review

    I actually tried the 2 oz tin from amazon just to sample Vermont Soap’s shea butter to see what all the fuss was about. This is the best shea butter I have tried! It really feels soothing, like arnica or something, covering your skin as a moisturizer and barrier of well being. I have used a lot of shea butters, and was experimenting which would be best for my new body care business. Other butters were good, but often greasy, a bit grainy and didn’t feel “clean” like this one. It is still rich and dense like traditional shea butter, that kind of pulls at your skin when you apply, but it absorbs so nicely when used very sparingly. It is super smooth and feels clean and soothing on the skin. Also, I have breakouts sometimes and this is the only shea butter that helps, others make it worse. I use it with a bit of Tamanu oil and it helps soothe & heal breakouts and irritation on my face. This is also the only shea butter that has not irritated my skin. I ran out of my tin, and ordered a huge 44 lb box for my business! It comes Saturday and I am looking forward to getting my shea butter for my new business and my new beauty ritual 🙂 try it and you won’t be disappointed, give it a week or so for your skin to adjust to this rich natural product. Use a pea sized amount at a time melted in your palms and patted over a large area of skin, then massage it in. It absorbs much faster this way, to where I can put my clothes on in the morning right away, rather than wait all night for it to absorb. The key is to use very little over a large area, and you can use it like an everyday lotion!

    Jenny from Shasta, California

  221. Wow!

    Just received the Lavender Air Fresh and WOW, it’s such a beautiful light lavender scent, I just want to eat it!! I got the 8 ounce but will surely be getting the larger size to keep my supply going. It has an ultra fine mist and will be amazing to all areas of my home, and work too, yay!

    nora z from MI

  222. Wonderful!

    My husband and I have been using Vermont Soap’s shower gel for going on 5 years now, and we absolutely love it!! Its organic, made in the USA, and overall a great quality product that leaves you feeling clean and smelling fabulous! Our favorite scents are tea tree, orange and lavender. We buy the gallon size and refill our smaller bottle to keep in the shower.

    Christina from Memphis, TN

  223. Cute little dish

    I was expecting this soap dish to be larger, however I’m glad it’s not. Perfectly fits the regular sized bar sold on here. The ridges at the bottom help the soap dry fast. And I love that it isn’t plastic! A must-buy if giving bar soap as a gift. A+

    Ashley K from Chicago, IL

  224. My favorite horse shampoo! White socks get white!

    Amazing product! This gets my mare’s hind white legs and tail wonderfully WHITE — cuts right through manure and dirt like I couldn’t believe. And it’s gentle! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shampoo!

    Aimee from Massachusetts

  225. French Brittany lover

    I accidentally found this company and this soap on a business trip to Middlebury last year. We were a new dog owner at the time so I was trying out various shampoos. This is far and away the best shampoo that I have found anywhere, at any store. Love that it is natural, has a wonderful aroma, cleans well and leaves my dog with a long lasting, silky coat. They nailed it!!

    Chris from Swanton, VT

  226. Will take some getting used to, but like results so far

    This is my first try at natural bar soap, and bar soap in general. For years I was using Dove body wash but decided to try a more natural SLS-free option.

    Still trying to find my preferred method of washing with it. Right now I am trying a loofah soap pouch. It is hard to get it to lather, but that is due to the pouch itself. I think I will try a general wash cloth next. Also looking forward to using it as a shaving lubricant on my legs. This review is a bit premature but results so far are excellent. I feel clean and it is nice to know there are no moisture stripping detergents.

    Scent is…. I guess the best description is “natural”. Not strong, but definitely preferred over highly-scented body washes that make you stink like roses and clash with your perfume. Overall pleased and looking forward to using my honey bar once this is used up.

    Ashley K from Chicago, IL

  227. More than just soap

    What an amazingly moisturizing soap.

    Holly Woodruff from Portland, Oregon

  228. unbelievable results!

    I first purchased liquid unscented aloe Castile soap from Vermont Soap. I tried using it as a shampoo and body wash as well, and was so impressed with the results right away. I have never seen my straight fine but fairly thick hair so beautiful and soft and luscious. My hair is waist length and even then, tangling was minimal and I could brush my hair out wet WITHOUT conditioner which was impossible before. My hair felt squeaky clean but soft and pliable at the same time. The volumizing effect was great, in a good way. I recently received the shea butter bar and used it to wash my hair and body, and oh my…..this takes vermont soap to the next level. It was even better in my hair and my skin literally feels like silk (I was using locally made goat milk soap so I wasn’t using garbage soap in the first place). I my skin used to feel pebbly….now it is smooth and uniform. I used it on my face and while it is too early to tell for sure, I’m pretty sure it has suddenly decreased my face Eczema bc I haven’t done anything different except the soap. Wonderful product ….highly recommend!

    Angela from Michigan

  229. Impressed!

    I have used the naked bars in many flavors and have been impressed by their consistent quality, pleasant scent and longevity. They are gentle and lather well. Great product.

    Darlene Anastas from Massachusetts

  230. Great Deal!

    I have a hereditary skin disease (skin cells become unstuck) and everything that touches my skin hurts it. My skin improved some after I started using this shea butter soap and now I won’t use anything else. This 12 pack saving is a blessing to me. Thank you for supplying it.

    Marie from Montgomery AL

  231. Green Car is the Real Deal!

    Very surprised. Tried a number of auto cleaners from the store but they all smelled disgusting and I couldn’t stand them. This has a nice scent and helps to remove some of that new car smell.

    Patty from Poconos, PA

  232. Amazing

    I have been using this product for over a week in this hot and steamy Michigan summer. I’m so happy I finally found a deodorant that is organic and keeps me smelling fresh. I’m also senative to smells and I have no problem with it. Please make a travel size! Love it.

    Tina Boyes from Royal Oak

  233. Perfect for the bath!

    I love the scent of the lemon in this body wash! The wash is clean and fragrant…Perfect for the bath!

    Amy Adams from Torrington, Connecticut

  234. Love it

    I’ve been using this soap for a couple of weeks and love it. I even replaced my normal face cleanser with this soap.

    Ramona Smith from Silvis, IL

  235. Most effective natural deodorant I’ve used

    This is one of the best natural deodorants I’ve tried. Bonus to the fact that it’s actually certified organic! It has a sweet almost holiday-esque smell that blends well with my body chemistry, masking unpleasant odors even during rigorous workouts. I prefer the scent of the sage-lime original version, but this one stands up to summer. It is a deodorant, NOT an antiperspirant. You WILL still sweat, so don’t expect to be dry. I’ve found that natural deodorant’s effectiveness really varies from one individual to another, but I think I’ve found my match. I highly recommend trying this one for yourself.

    Ariel from USA

  236. This is the best usda organic deodorant that worked all day

    I have tried multiple usda organic deodorants and they usually, have the same problems such as they don’t last the day, the product is too rough and hard to spread under arm, they stain clothes, scent may be overpowering, and the product changes with each purchase. Therefore, I was skeptical when I found this deodorant, it had a larger size than the other deodorants I tried and the shape was more comfortable and easier to apply than deodorants I used in the past. This deodorant lasts all day, even into the next day depending on how much you sweat. I love the fact that the smell is not overpowering, I didn’t know what the scent of spice wood would smell like but it has a nice spicy type of scent that you don’t smell when you apply and it ends up lasting all day, without you constantly having to smell your deodorant which occurs with other brands. I loved it so much that, I ordered the other scent to see, how well a different scent will work on my skin and have an exftra when I need it. If your like me, and been through many organic deodorants, trying to eliminate the use of chemicals in your skin, the I would recommend trying this deodorant since it goes on smooth, so it easy to apply and it doesn’t seem to stain clothes, since you don’t have to apply a lot to the arm, for it to work and it doesn’t seem to melt into mush when you leave it out.

    Rpglovertash from USA

  237. No chemicals, good scent but does not work for me :-(

    I really wanted this deodorant to work. I have reactions to all commercial deodorants where my lymph nodes swell on my neck, collar bones, armpits and elbow creases and I get welted rashes under my arms. Sadly I had the same widespread body reaction with this deodorant and am now taking benadryl for days until this reaction goes away-(

    In closing if you have this reaction with commercial deodorants don’t think you’ll have no reaction to this and be prepared!

    I use many other Vermont Soap products and this is the ONLY negative experience I’ve had with any products.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: We are sending J.C. our other two deodorant scents to test for reactivity on her body. We recommend testing a small amount of product on one inner elbow. This is a great way for reactive bodies to test new products. For more information and a free download go to:

    J.C. from Vermont

  238. Awesome!!!

    I used my Bubble Bucks to get a sample of the shea butter. It is very nice. It’s firm, not too hard. It is very soothing.

    Shelly from Ohio

  239. Neem!

    Love love love the Neem tooth salt! My teeth feel clean and fresh even the next morning! Went for an overnight visit and forgot to pack my tooth salt- no big deal I thought- I’ll just use “regular” toothpaste- so I picked up a tiny travel tube at the store. Next morning when I woke up I felt like my teeth were wearing socks! So gross and icky that for a minute I thought that maybe I had forgotten to brush (I hadn’t!). Lesson learned! Never leave home without my Neem again!

    Janby from Pittsburgh,PA

  240. Arnica salve

    We bought the pocket size a couple of months ago and we use it every night! We love this stuff! So much so, we are planning on buying the bigger tin next time! We use it on more than just sore muscles. We also use it on my arthritic hands.

    Meridith from Franklin, Nh

  241. Great Cleaner With No Residue

    A friend is sensitive to most cleaners and this not only cleaned better than grocery store soap but with no residue or lasting unpleasant scent. She was very surprised in a good way!

    Conrad Grams from Utah

  242. Bubbles for BRATs!

    The Black River Action Team used Liquid Sunshine for a fundraising car wash, and we couldn’t be happier. Not only were cars spanking clean, but the soap is fully biodegradable, making it a perfect choice for this outdoor, river-friendly event.

    Kelly Stettner from Springfield VT

  243. Perfection in a Bottle

    Perfection is a bottle is what I call the Liquid Sunshine Cleaner because it works so well. I purchased this cleaner from an online shopping site and I will continue to use it from now on. The cleaner works so good and the scent is amazing. It’s a clean, sunny smell and has notes of citrus. I enjoy cleaning with it and look for reasons to use the cleaner, it’s that good. The smell and clean it leaves behind surpasses any other cleaner I’ve tried. It’s great for cleaning things year round but spring cleaning is fun using Liquid Sunshine.

    Susan Moseley from AR

  244. Good Product to be Considered Carefully

    While I do think that. Vermont Soap is a quality product, I have learned that it is important to consider carefully how it will work with your water source. If you have hard water, as I do, this soap leaves a film on your sink and dishes. Once you have purchased a gallon bottle it can be very expensive to return it. Be prepared to make an adjustment regarding fragrance. These products are so natural and not perfumed that they smell a little like a strong cleaner. It was hard to determine a pronounced and positive patchouli or “sweetgrass” scent.

    Rebby from Phoenix

  245. Just about the only soap I use

    I have been using this Castile soap for more than 10 years – I buy it by the gallon! It’s the only soap I use for showering, hand washing – bathroom and kitchen, hand-washing delicates, etc. I LOVE this soap – sweet orange my favorite. Thanks Vermont Soap for this excellent product!

    Kim Castilla from Fort Bragg, CA

  246. Castile Liquid Soap is Amazing!

    I bought a supply of Castile Liquid Soap while attending The Big E State Fair in Springfield, MA last year and I am hooked! I wear make-up on a daily basis and this soap makes it so easy to remove make-up from my skin and leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed unlike other soaps that leave your skin dry. So thank-you Vermont Soaps for this incredible product!

    Donia Mrozek from Syracuse, NY

  247. I am in LOVE with Castile Liquid Soaps.

    I am in LOVE with Castile Liquid Soaps. This is such a great product for handwashing as well as cleaning. I find it removes stains easily. I don’t know how I lived before without this AMAZING go to product for cleaning everything. I would highly recommend Castile Liquid Soaps as your go to for all your needs.

    Dianne Fertig from New York

  248. Wonderful Products

    I love your hand soaps they make my skin feel so good, i have yet to try one of your products that I did not feel great about. I am giving them as gifts to all my friends. They are wonderful on your skin as well as great for cleaning without harming your pets. I use them for everything. Thank you for providing us with such wonderful products and such great service, your “ask the soapman” is also great. I am a forever Vermont soap customer.

    Frances Burton from Florida

  249. Best Product Ever!

    I found Vermont Foaming hand soap via a Google search after being disappointed with my local Whole Foods & PCC Market offerings. It has been difficult for me to find organic products without toxins or chemicals. So, I bought a few of Vermont’s Foaming hand soaps and will never go back! First off, the foaming/pumping technology is the best on the market! Second, it lasts a loooong time. Third, the soap leaves my hands feeling hydrated, healed, and nurtured. I’ve had rough patches on my fingers from washing dishes, etc and this soap has healed my skin! I now buy the one-gallon refills!

    Michelle Schroeder from Kirkland, WA

  250. SO SOFT

    I love this soap! It makes my hands so soft that I don’t even need to use hand lotion anymore. Thanks Vermont Soap!

    KATIE from Georgia

  251. love this soap

    I bought the foaming hand soap, wanting to find a organic alternative, I have bad allergies to chemicals, and I hate strong fake smells, so I thought I would try it..well, I must say..I love, love, love it! it is a little drying, but the scent and clean feel is perfect. I am sold!

    Julie D from North Carolina

  252. Best dish soap out there!

    As the editor and publisher of the 15-year-old online magazine, I look for products made from the purest ingredients. I’m very happy to have discovered Vermont Soap’s Liquid Sunshine Dish Foam. I highly recommend it. Gee, I wish it were available in stores near me in Boynton Beach, Florida. I have none left, and the dishes are piling up in my sink because I refuse to buy dish soaps with chemicals in them. 🙁 Go, Bernie Sanders!

    Judy Pokras from Boynton Beach

  253. Best Organic Deodrant

    In my opinion this is the best organic deodrant hands down ! The smell is amazing & coverage is the best I’ve seen in any organic deodrant.

    Melissa from Florida/ Bahamas

  254. Don’t let the name fool you

    This product is very nice, but with “smoothie” in the name, I thought it would have had a soft consistency to it. It doesn’t. It is hard. It is still good, but I was hoping for something softer.

    Shelly from Ohio

  255. Absolute best!

    I highly recommend this product for anyone whose pets have hotspots. I use it on my boy (dog), Sakima, he’s a nervous dog at times and it can be hard to get him to leave his spot alone but as soon as I apply the oil he calms down and usually heals in a couple days. On a side note, he got some poison parsnip on his belly skin this summer, and it was very bothersome to him. With only the hot spot oil being readily available and not having dealt with this on a dog I used the oil, it worked great! All in all this is a miracle product for my dogs!

    Natasha from Champlain Islands

  256. Pleasantly suprised

    I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It is soft and a little goes a long way.

    Shelly from Ohio

  257. The Perfect Soap

    I have tried many different bar soaps and liquid soaps for body and face. This Vermont Clay soap is my absolute favorite. Particularly good for oily or combination skin, the clay soap leaves my skin feeling its very cleanest without any filmy residue. I started using it when I lived in Vermont five years ago and I love it so much that I continue ordering it in bulk from across the country. Highly highly recommend!

    Caleigh from California


    Great product that I feel safe using! Thanks Vermont Soap!

    KATIE from Georgia

  259. Most Effective for Rosacea

    I’ve had adult rosacea for over 10 years. I’ve tried everything the doctor recommended, with unsatisfactory results. Vermont Soap’s Blue Bar is the only remedy that works. I’m very grateful for Blue Bar, that solves my skin problem, with no side effects. Thanks!!

    Priscilla Newcomb from Connecticut

  260. Love at first sight

    I had never purchased anything from Vermont Soap, but as someone looking to remove chemicals from my everyday products, I gave Vermont Soap products a try! I purchased the lemongrass zen pump and refill. Wow! I LOVE the smell of the product and feel like it does an excellent job of cleaning away dirt and grime and odors from my hands! I am definitely reordering this product and trying new scents! What a great gift the bundle is, too!

    Kristine Funk from Clinton, CT

  261. Soap is good

    but for me there is not soap to cut since there are so many irregular pieces I rather have big soaps still great use if it does not matter the size of the soap to you. Good service and good people. Thanks

    Liza from FL

  262. Five Stars

    Nice fresh scent, as well as being a great cleaner. Refreshing.

    CAD – Amazon Customer from USA

  263. gentle


    Keely from Kingwood , TX

  264. Soap is wonderful

    I have ordered this boxed seconds soap and have been very happy with what I got. The soap is wonderful with what I would say is minor irregular sizes . I love that they fill the box with little empty space to spare and I like choosing the Aloe Baby as for me it is gentle on my skin.

    Catherine St Onge from Mt Dora FL

  265. Very good quality

    I have used many of the soaps by Vermont Soaps and all are very good quality. The Blue Bar is especially nice for my skin type and smells nice too!

    Connie Buller from Blair, NE

  266. Blue Bar

    Wonderful fragrance and wonderful soap.

    Mark Allen from Norman, OK

  267. Great deal

    The 3lb box of seconds is a steal, great deal, and has wonderful appeal. I bought 2 boxes for $29.98 each. They were sent out and arrived within a week. The wonderfully clean smelling Blue Bar box had 2 perfect bars in it and the others, ‘travel sized’ perfect for a preschooler to use, were crammed in like sardines. The Lavender Rosewood box had 14 full-sized perfect bars in it. I definitely got my money’s worth!!!

    Bettina Beiersdorf from New York State

  268. Awesome Pet Shampoo

    I am kicking myself, I purchased a Gallon of this several months back when they had some on sale that had not yet been certified as organic, it was a steal. We didn’t get our puppy until 10/1/16 and I just gave him his first bath today. Let me say, a little goes a long way, it smells wonderful and my mini schnauzer’s fur was shiny. It’s all of the oils. I didn’t even need to use a conditioner. If you are hesitant because of the price, please don’t be, it is worth every penny. My fur baby smells so wonderful. Thanks Vermont Soap, I will be buying some of your Castille soap as well.

    April from St. Peters, MO

  269. Will stay in my RV

    I bought Vermont Soap Camp and Garden Soap to try out on a long RV trip. Space is limited in our RV, so I was intrigued by needing to pack one soap to “do it all”. Looks like I will be buying the large size, as it did such a great job on everything and everyone. The Camp and Garden Lotion is great, too!

    Leigh Crews from Cedar Bluff

  270. Works Great

    I’m so happy with this deodorant! This one works great! I made sure about it before writing this review, as all seem to work for a few days and then quit working. I have tried so many natural deodorants that just don’t work. The scent is fabulous, not overbearing. With summer in full swing here in Georgia where it is hot, and humid, I feel fresh and smell great. Thank you Vermont Soap!

    Ann from Woodstock, GA

  271. Go-To Deodorant

    Love this deodorant! I switch between the Spicewood and the and Sage Lime scents and have been super happy with both. I have had a lot of trouble finding organic, basic ingredient deodorants that don’t irritate my skin, or just plain don’t work, so I was thrilled to find this brand! I’ve gone through several sticks over the past few years and plan to continue using this as my go-to deodorant.

    Elizabeth from New Hampshire

  272. I love this soap

    I love this soap and when I could not find it at the Big E where I usually get it I was lost. I have used it for years starting when I had severe eczema (cracking hands and fingers that where painful as well as unsightly) which required oral medication along with a topical ointment. After using the Blue bar I have not needed either the oral medication or the topical ointment and it has been years! Every year at the Bg E I pick up at least 20 bars. I hope you are back at the Big E in Springfield MA next fall but for now I will order online.

    Anita from CT

  273. So happy with this!

    I was a fan of a different brand of shea butter for years before they switched to wholesale orders only, no longer to the public. By that point I’d been using VSW’s bar soaps and cleaners for a while and decided to try their shea butter too–and I like it even better! It’s creamier and easier to use. It’s my favorite moisturizer, especially in wintertime. The only thing I miss about my old brand is the container. Their flat tins were easier to pack the VSW’s little jars, and when I scoop into the jars, I sometimes get shea butter under my nails, which aren’t very long.

    Shea fan from Metro DC

  274. Love it

    I’ve been using this for a few weeks on my face. I have really dry skin and regular moisturizers irritate my skin. I lovebirds this and it is really moisturizing!

    Olive from Chelsea Vermont

  275. Very pleased

    The Honey bar was my first bar soap purchase from Vermont Soap. I’ve used only handmade bar soap for many years now and I will be using this soap as a regular. It is luxurious with oils that feel wonderful as I wash. In this case the the clove scent is clean like fresh cloves. The cornmeal provides a gentle scrub which is nice for dirty bike shop hands and fine for the shower as well. Looking forward to trying more scents!

    Louise Kasl from Michigan

  276. Using it for all our cleaning needs

    My daughter 1st told me about your soap products especially the Liquid sunshine and we have been using it ever since for all our cleaning needs. After using it for about a month I noticed my laundry got softer and softer especially my sheets and towels that used to get rough are now so soft and feel so good on my skin. I do not use dryer sheets due to chemical sensitivity and with this Liquid Sunshine in my laundry I don’t even need anything else to have that soft feel. I also love the unscented gentle Baby safe soap bars for bathing it is so gentle on my hands and skin. Thank you for making such great environmentally safe and best cleaning products I have ever come across.

    Catherine from FL

  277. Very Good Product

    Very Good Soap Have Had that four Years. That You

    Monica Hedqwist from St Augustine Florida

  278. Lavender Foaming hand soap

    Best organic hand soap all around! Tried numerous other products and their scent is overpowering and drying on the skin. Love the mild scent of the lavender foaming hand soap.

    M. Amaro from Mount Dora

  279. Deodorant

    This is so far the best all natural deodorant I have used so far. It works like a deodorant should and I have never had a body odor smell while using this product. I will con’t to purchase this deodorant and can’t wait to try the Lemongrass scent! Thanks so much, Cindy

    Cindy from loveland

  280. Agate wash cloth

    I never knew what ayate wash cloth until I used it first time. I really like how it feels on my skin when I use it with my favorite soap. It is just perfect feel not too hard or not too soft. My skin also feel exfoliate and soft. It’s easy to rinse with water. Only one thing is that the length is little bit longer so that it can reach to back. I am planning to purchase for my husband too!

    Yuka from Fl

  281. Very Special Cloth

    Absolutely wonderful cloth. Would buy many more for gifts were this not out of stock. It was better than any shower sponge, brush or wash cloth that I have ever use. One of my older sons appears to have “mistakenly” taken it with him. Desperate to get another or he is going to have to return it.

    John Clemente from Albany

  282. Wash my shoes with this

    To prevent any fungal issues with my feet I wash all my non-leather sandals and sneakers in this. I let them soak in water with about a Tbsp of soap for an hour or more. My sandals have never been cleaner. With my sneakers I do the presoak for a few hours and then put them in the washing machine. I have a nice dryer rack for the inside of my dryer that dries the sneakers with out all the banging. A very powerful soap in many ways. So take care of your feet and your shoes as well!

    Nancy Webber from Massachussetts

  283. Back to the basics

    I had a friend who used to make my soap, but unfortunately, had to quit due to time restraints. I’ve tried several different brands of homemade soap only to have constant breakouts, until I bought from vermont soap. One happy customer here. I usually get the 3 lb leftovers, and cut to the size I need, which also works great for traveling, camping, weekend getaways, etc. Thank you! Will be placing another order very soon!

    Traci Majchszak from Cleveland, Ohio

  284. Produce Magic Gets the Job Done!

    I’ve been using Produce Magic Veggie Wash for the past 3 years or so. What I’ve discovered is that it not only removes the sprayed-on pesticides and dirt, but it leaves produce tasking like it just came fresh from the garden! Remarkable! I know that by using this great product I’m eating healthier, which is terrific. Thanks Vermont Soap!

    Debra Atlas from Weslaco

  285. Working wonders

    Have had dry heels for years and this is working wonders on them.

    Barbara from Rochester

  286. Love this

    I love this Shea butter, I have being buying it for years.


  287. Love the scents, soap is amazing

    Purchased 2 boxes, 1 Lavender and 1 Rosemary Herb. Love both scents and the soap is amazing. First Winter that I did not have rough, dry elbows or any other dry skin patches. I have dry and sensitive skin and never could use scented soap. No problem with the Vermont Soaps scents at all. Will continue buying these soaps.

    Barbara S Schreiner from Olathe, KS

  288. Great product and great deal

    This is a great product as well as a great deal! We live in the country, about an hour away from the store. Being able to buy in bulk is a necessity where I am. It’s so nice to be able to grab another bar of awesome soap from the box in the laundry room, instead of having to plan a trip to the store ( ugh! ) just to get soap! Plus raising a family and being on a budget makes this option a real blessing to our family! Thank you Soapman!!

    Morganne Overacre from Virginia

  289. Will be ordering more soon

    Bought a box of aloe baby seconds last year to wrap and sell as a fundraiser for Operation Christmas Child. Everyone that bought it loved the wonderful scent and the soap! I will be ordering more soon. Thank you for making such great soap!!

    Linda Page from Portland, Maine

  290. Unbelievable Shampoo

    I had the opportunity to stop in this fantastic shop last month when we were in Vermont. I had seen a television show talking about humans using Horse Shampoo. When we entered the store I had asked the owner about this and she told me all about it. So I purchased a bottle to try and it is awesome. You don’t need a lot to wash your hair and it rinses off completely almost immediately. You hair gets a great sheen and is fuller. This is a top notch product.

    JRE from Milwaukee, Wisconsin