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  1. Simply the Best!!

    Amazon Customer: Petunia

  2. Clean, safe moisturizing

    Amazon Customer: Jeanette

  3. Nice moisturizer

    Amazon Customer: Rick Conder

  4. I love it. The first balm that melts in my hands and actually works.

    I love it so far. It’s the first balm I used that actually melts in my hand, so I only need a small amount to moisturize my face and body. My skin is very sensitive and I have used oils, creams, and butter that only lead to breakouts on my skin. This the first balm I found that also doesn’t use coconut oil since coconut oil is extremely heavy for my skin and just destroys it. In constrast, this product smells wonderful and spreads evenly on the skin, and it absorbs well on the skin which leaves my skin moisturized without that oily greasy feeling. I used this product right after my shower and it was like a miracle in a jar. However, the size is extremely small, it seems pocket sized so I brought another one so I can keep one as a backup in the fridge, when I ran out. It is also a great hand moisturizer, it leaves your hands very soft. It definitely melts at room temperature so I recommend following the directions on the container and keeping it in your fridge so it stays fresh and solid. When you want to use it, I recommend leaving it at room temperature for a bit so it becomes soft and easy to spread and only use a dab about less than a pinky size, since a small amount of this balm is enough to spread evenly on the body and face.

    Update after over a week of using

    This product is a miracle. My blemishes are healing and my skin is becoming more even toned. My skin is smoother,softer, and more moisturized. I love this product, but make sure you buy it directly from Vermont soaps because my product was smooth and easy to apply, when I brought it from Vermont soaps, but when I ordered from another seller, I received a product that completely melted even though it was shipped during a cold winter. Therefore, I had to physically mix the product with some essential oils to get the smooth consistency of my original product. I also recommend applying at night, it can be greasy at first so giving it time to absorb overnight seems to leave the skin soft and supple in the morning. I also used this product on my thick curly hair and it helps my hair to stay soft and moisturized, when nothing else worked. I only wish it came in bigger sizes, because I been using this product everyday and only using a pinky size, but my product is already halfway done from using it on my hair, face, and body for about 2 weeks. It’s an amazing moisturizer but very small so I recommend buying two so it can at least last a couple of months.

    Amazon Customer: rpglovertash