Camo Clean

Vermont Soap Organics brings you a 100% Natural liquid soap to take into this world. One that is safe, nontoxic, green and (of course) biodegradable. Because living in harmony with nature does not have to be imaginary!


Saponified Organic Coconut, Olive and Jojoba Oils, Natural Citrus Essential Oil Blend With Organic Orange Oil, Rosemary Extract Preservative, Organic Aloe

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  1. Will stay in my RV

    I bought Vermont Soap Camp and Garden Soap to try out on a long RV trip. Space is limited in our RV, so I was intrigued by needing to pack one soap to “do it all”. Looks like I will be buying the large size, as it did such a great job on everything and everyone. The Camp and Garden Lotion is great, too!

    Leigh Crews from Cedar Bluff