One Dozen Naked Bars

Buy 12 bars of your favorite flavor in bulk and save!
2.5lb Bulk Pack.


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  1. Nobody makes better soap than Vermont Soap.

    Nobody makes better soap than Vermont Soap. I live far away but whenever I get to New England, I love to visit them In Middlebury, VT and fill my head with all the delicious scents of their fabulous soaps.

    Esther de Ipolyi from Sugar Land, Texas

  2. Great Deal!

    I have a hereditary skin disease (skin cells become unstuck) and everything that touches my skin hurts it. My skin improved some after I started using this shea butter soap and now I won’t use anything else. This 12 pack saving is a blessing to me. Thank you for supplying it.

    Marie from Montgomery AL

  3. Impressed!

    I have used the naked bars in many flavors and have been impressed by their consistent quality, pleasant scent and longevity. They are gentle and lather well. Great product.

    Darlene Anastas from Massachusetts

  4. I love this soap

    I love this soap and when I could not find it at the Big E where I usually get it I was lost. I have used it for years starting when I had severe eczema (cracking hands and fingers that where painful as well as unsightly) which required oral medication along with a topical ointment. After using the Blue bar I have not needed either the oral medication or the topical ointment and it has been years! Every year at the Bg E I pick up at least 20 bars. I hope you are back at the Big E in Springfield MA next fall but for now I will order online.

    Anita from CT