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Shower Gels

Legacy formula – check out our new USDA Organic Body Wash

100% natural organic shower gels were just a dream until Vermont Soap invented them in 2002. You don’t need a PhD in Chemistry to pronounce our food grade ingredients – unlike the detergent based mass market alternatives. Start experiencing the smoothly moisturizing sensation of natural shower gels today!

Discontinued Label (same great product). While supplies last.


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  1. makes me smell wonderful.

    I love the sweet orange shower get. It wakes me up and makes me smell wonderful.

    Josie from Ferndale

  2. Great!

    Gentle, easy to use. Such a better alternative to the standard shower gels. I’m so glad these exist!

    Metra Barton from Sandy, Utah

  3. I like that they are organic

    I like that they are organic. I don’t have to be concerned about the effects of chemicals.

    Anne from Royersford

  4. absolutely must have!!!

    I just got a lavender shower gel it’s absolutely must have!!! The smell sensation is incredible – you feel like at home aromotherapy. Your skin will thank you!

    Pilarek from Philadelphia

  5. If we run out, he will fuss until I buy more!

    My husband and I absolutely LOVE the Sweetgrass shower gel! If we run out, he will fuss until I buy more! He insists that it is the only product he’s ever used that has kept his skin from feeling two sizes too small after bathing. He also uses it as his shampoo and I love how clean he smells when he gets out of the shower. I , too, love the fresh smell and I also use it as a shaving gel. It gives just the right amount of slip so that my razor glides over my skin and doesn’t drag or feel slimey. I am a certified health specialist and am also studying to be an ND, so I’m always recommending Vermont Soap to everyone I talk to about natural and organic products. PS I also love the toothbrush sanitizer, the Liquid Sunshine and the soap bars! You guys rock!

    Jana from Galveston

  6. I love this product

    I love this product and I wish you would run a special on it.

    Donna from Shelby Township

  7. natural and organic

    I have been looking for a product with natural and organic ingredients. As I have aged, my skin and hair are rebelling against all the harsh chemicals found in most products so your items really are going to help me get things balanced again.

    Sarah from Midland, TX

  8. I LOVE it!

    I started using the baby version of the bath and shower gel when my oldest was born, and around her first birthday switched to the lavender. 3+ years later we use it on her and her younger sister as a bath gel, and shampoo. I LOVE it! They almost never need lotion despite living in New England and the dry cold winters, and the relaxing lavender scent is real and not fake! We have a HUGE container and refill the hand pump from that. I tell every mom I know about it! Keep up the good work!

    Laurie from Rockland

  9. love the gels

    love the gels.. thank you for the new “scents” sweet grass is my favorite. would recommend to everyone..

    Robbin Dodge from Vermont

  10. wonderful!

    I have been using this shower gel for about 4 months now and I absolutley love it. It smells and cleans wonderfully withought leaving skin dry. I will order more products; also want to check out the cleaning soaps as well. Thank you for healthy, eco honest product!

    Charlee Bajer from Sacramento CA

  11. Stinky Dog!

    My husband purchased a bottle of the patchouli hemp shower gel from a local whole foods store. I had run out of my normal dog shampoo and decided to use this until I bought more. It was the best stuff Ive ever used on them. They smelled fantastic and it lasted for weeks unlike other dog shampoos. Well yesterday your soap was put up to a major challenge. My lab got sprayed by a skunk and smelled horrible. I scrubbed her down with your soap and the horrible smell was gone. Not even a lingering of it. My husband was at work at the time and I waited till he came home to say anything. He had no idea. Just thought I bathed the dog and she smelled wonderful. Once I told him what happened he was absolutely amazed! You have made us very happy customers!!! Thank You!

    Crissy from Pennsylvania

  12. My favorite for years

    With multiple chemical sensitivity, this soap and the un scented cleaning products have been my favorite for years…. I would recommend this company to everyone with or without allergies!

    Diane from Shawnee ks

  13. Lemongrass Shower Gel

    My husband and I are addicted to this shower gel. This transformed my husbands dry sensitive skin. Leaves your skin clean and so soft. Plus the biggest bonus is its good for you..none of the harsh chemicals.

    Michelle from Macomb county MI

  14. Wonderful!

    My husband and I have been using Vermont Soap’s shower gel for going on 5 years now, and we absolutely love it!! Its organic, made in the USA, and overall a great quality product that leaves you feeling clean and smelling fabulous! Our favorite scents are tea tree, orange and lavender. We buy the gallon size and refill our smaller bottle to keep in the shower.

    Christina from Memphis, TN