Air Fresh Spray Aromatherapy

People often ask us if aromatherapy is real. Click here to read about our first hand experience!

Perfect for bathroom, car, kitchen, stale closets, sports equipment bags, shoes, helmets- anywhere that needs a freshen up.

Available in both 8 ounce household size and 2 ounce travel sizes.

SFTP Air Fresh 2oz and 8oz

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  1. Smells amazing!!

    Amazon Customer: Jodi L Book

  2. Fives Stars

    Amazon Customer: jo jo

  3. Not just a room spray!

    I have this on my desk ( and other scents around the shop and home). In a pinch I grabbed it when finding a flea on our shop cat. Dousing the flea on my desk, which did kill it like dunking in a dish of soapy water, I wiped the mess up and realized this spray makes a great general wipe down cleaner. Probably a pretty similar formula to the one Bob put on the Soap blog.

    I enjoy the earthy scent of the sage and it does not bother my cat. You do need to be carefully with even natural essential oils and cats.