Green Cleaners

Turn YOUR home into a nontoxic household with our green cleaners. Vermont Soap is your partner in replacing conventional formulations with products natural enough to be certified to organic food standards. Natural is a process… not a result.


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  1. The best soap you will ever use

    The best soap you will ever use.

    And also the best soap you will ever eat.

    Eat? Yeah, eat.

    There is always some amount of soap residue on your dishes, which means you are eating it- and over the years – all those chemicals start to add up .

    Amazon Customer: stephen lavalle

  2. Sunshine

    Amazon Customer: Natalie Rasumoff

  3. Love this stuff

    Amazon Customer: Bottom Line Up Front

  4. Five Stars

    Amazon Customer: Beck

  5. Awesome

    Amazon Customer: Kathleen Messmer

  6. Fresh and healthy

    Amazon Customer: WLL

  7. Fantastic wholesome soap

    Amazon Customer: Dan B

  8. Organic Cleaner

    Amazon Customer: Home Cook

  9. smells and feels like natural castile soap

    Amazon Customer: Spud chick

  10. Nice to My Skin and ‘Other Stuff’!

    After around the age of 50 I could not longer wear clothing garments cleaned with most brands of soap or wash with soap. The chemicals in plain soap made my skin itch and sting, burn and other symptoms. It would also cause skin… symptoms females and men my age may experience. You go to the doctor and he does all kinds of blood and other tests and finds nothing wrong. He, she has no answers. But the natural health people do! ;

    This age is a time when the body finally says; stop the chemicals, no more poisoning the system! When we are young the body handles the poisons, ‘we think’, but it’s building up in the body. Old age has its rewards. We are more in tune with our system.

    I now use only pure, no chemicals, no color, no perfume… glycerin soap. For everything; cloths, shampoo, shower-bath, dishes.
    All my symptoms are gone.

    Amazon Customer: Mary I. Oliver

  11. Very good to remove the wet dog smell on those rainy days

    Amazon Customer: SDSch