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  1. Working Miracles

    I developed folliculitis as a result of long term antibiotic treatment. I was having good luck with the Blue Bar because it has tea tree oil too, but needed something stronger. One use of the FungaSoap on my shoulders and arms and you could feel the difference. Amazing!

    Jay Dubya from Vermont

  2. all your products deserve 5 stars

    I listed 3 or 4 products that I’ve tried and give 5 stars to all. In fact all your products deserve 5 stars.

    Elizabeth from Seattle, WA

  3. Great stuff!

    Just thought you’d like to know, fungasoap completely cleared up some spots of Tinea versicolor I had on my chest. The prescription medicine for that is strong and toxic and I didn’t want to use it, so I tried your soap. Using it per your directions didn’t work, so I applied it twice a day and just left it on, no rinsing off. It took maybe two weeks, but the spots are now gone, even the discoloration! To understand how amazing this is, you have to know, Tinnia v is pretty stubborn, and sometimes the discoloration is permanent. I had had those spots for a very long time. THANK YOU for this wonderful product!

    homebody from Vermont

  4. Wash my shoes with this

    To prevent any fungal issues with my feet I wash all my non-leather sandals and sneakers in this. I let them soak in water with about a Tbsp of soap for an hour or more. My sandals have never been cleaner. With my sneakers I do the presoak for a few hours and then put them in the washing machine. I have a nice dryer rack for the inside of my dryer that dries the sneakers with out all the banging. A very powerful soap in many ways. So take care of your feet and your shoes as well!

    Nancy Webber from Massachussetts