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Handmade Organic Bar Soap

Handmade soap is good for YOUR sensitive skin. 

All Vermont Soap handmade certified organic bar soaps are your first choice for people with reactive sensitive skin. We organize our bar soaps by skin type. Oily sweaty skin would not feel clean using a dry skin bar. Dry skin people would feel too “tight’ after using a more astringent oily skin bar.
Many of us rotate our bar soaps with the season and our activity level. Check out the Skin Type Spectrum on every product to make sure that you match the product you want to your personal skin type.

So natural, most bars are certified to USDA Organic food standards by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF).

It takes nearly a month to handcraft a bar of Vermont Soap. Only this 250 year old process yields a bar of soap suitable for the most sensitive skin. Vermont Soap has been making super-mild handmade and organic bar soaps for people with sensitive skin for over 25 years. We start with our own hypoallergenic vegan* soap base of Organic Coconut, Palm, Olive and Palm Kernel oils and add aromatherapy essential oils and botanical extracts to modify astringency for different skin and pore types.

All handmade and organic bar soap is facial quality and are terrific for shaving too. Unscented organic bar soaps like the Shea Butter Bar are often used by people with fine and thin hair for shampooing. Treat yourself to a bar that matches your skin type. Your skin will thank you!

Available in packaged bars, travel sized bars (select best sellers), naked unboxed bars (12 to a box) and occasionally our super saver soap chunks and cosmetic seconds.

For more information see What is Soap?

*All Vermont Soap products are GMO, and Gluten Free, formulated for people with sensitive skin and never tested on animals. Many Vermont Soap products are vegan, except those containing bee products.


Reviews Add Yours

  1. Awesome deal!

    Love that I can buy these “ugly” ones in bulk. They stay in my shower anyway, so it’s not like anyone sees them. I was extremely satisfied the last time I ordered a bulk box since I’m a Vermont Soap addict, and they last a long time, too!

    Lisa from Connecticut

  2. Love

    I love the patchouli Rose fragrance, particularly the soap. I sometimes just leave a bar out to scent the room

    marie from Cape Coral Fl

  3. Great!

    The oatmeal lavender soap is great for dry skin.

    The oatmeal lavender soap is great for dry skin.

  4. I cannot believe how good I felt after using your product

    Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with your product. My brothers wife uses your oatmeal lavender soap and he gave me a few bars. I have extremely dry skin and I cannot believe how good I felt after using your product. I plan on making this my primary soap in the winter and recommending this to all of my relatives and friends.

    Michele S from Brattleboro VT

  5. I couldn’t imagine ever going back to anything else

    My husband and I both have very sensitive skin and started using VT Soap several years ago. After trying several of the wonderful soaps, we settled on the lavender oatmeal. It makes your skin feel so soft and and doesn’t dry your skin out like the commercial soaps. I couldn’t imagine ever going back to anything else. This soap travels with us wherever we go!

    Marcia from Vergennes, VT

  6. It’s the only soap I can use.

    I took a chance when I saw this on QVC since I have so much trouble with my skin; and since I started using your soap, it’s been wonderful. It’s the only soap I can use.

    Suzanne from IN

  7. Gentle to my skin

    These soaps have a very pleasant smell and gentle to my skin. Tried other soaps but these are the best.

    Catherine from Avenel

  8. Love it!

    This is my favorite of the bar soaps. I’ve also tried the aloe baby, lemongrass, oatmeal lavender, peppermint, balsam, woodspice, honey, and unscented cocoa butter soaps. This one is the most moisturizing for me. I love its smooth feel and how soft my hands are after using it. I have extremely sensitive skin: like, I-break-out-in-hives-or-eczema-or-some-other-sort-of-rash-several-times-a-week type of sensitive skin. I’ve never had a problem with this soap. Love it!

    Chelsea from Toledo

  9. We love the Woodspice scent!

    We love the Woodspice scent! I use it every morning in the shower. Woodspice is our favorite but everything is amazing at Vt soap!!!

    Bryan Plouffe from USA

  10. Nobody makes better soap than Vermont Soap.

    Nobody makes better soap than Vermont Soap. I live far away but whenever I get to New England, I love to visit them In Middlebury, VT and fill my head with all the delicious scents of their fabulous soaps.

    Esther de Ipolyi from Sugar Land, Texas

  11. Thanks Vermont Soap!

    I love the blue bar! I use it twice a day to wash my face and I originally purchased it because people had good reviews for it as an acne treatment. I’ve been using it for a year and my acne has definitely been reduced! My skin is less oily and it does not dry my skin. Now, I no longer use anything else on my face. I’ve even recommended it to friends and family and they love these products as well. All natural is the way to go! Thanks Vermont Soap!

    Desiree from Pomona

  12. makes my hands feel cleaner

    It doesn’t lather as much as I would expect from a soap. I like the oatmeal, makes my hands feel cleaner after I’ve been working at the barn or in the yard.

    Noel from Houston, TX

  13. I couldn’t ask for a better way to bathe

    I have dry sensitive skin and usually have to lather myself with moisturizers, creams and oils after taking a shower because my skin will start to itch. Not with Shea Butter Bar. I couldn’t ask for a better way to bathe.

    Eloise from Buckhead, GA

  14. I buy it in bulk!

    I’ve used this citrus sunrise for years and I love it. I buy it bulk not only so I always have it on hand, but its a little less expensive this way.

    Jody from Indianapolis, IN

  15. I love tea tree soap!

    We use tea tree soap in our house because my daughter is prone to fungal infections in her feet and sometimes hands. When this soap is used I know that not only do we get an all natural product ( no nasty chemicals) but great results. I love tea tree soap!

    Tracey from Sayville, NY

  16. Great for my sensitive skin.

    Great for my sensitive skin.

    Rosa Felix from Chicago, IL

  17. great lavender smell

    works great . great lavender smell

    Jay from Lakeside, AZ

  18. very refreshing

    This is a very refreshing addition to the morning routine.

    David from Shoreham

  19. I love the way this soap feels and smells

    I love the way this soap feels and smells. I was gifted a bar by the soap man and gift many soap bars and other products to almost everyone I meet

    Alyson from Biddeford, Maine

  20. I love the fragrance

    I love the fragrance of the Woodspice soap, it also makes my skin feel ever so clean. I love your product!!!

    Evelyn from Canton, NC

  21. Favourite Way to Purchase Soap

    I’ve always loved to buy my soap in bulk, and this box of cosmetic seconds is a great way to save money, buy in bulk, reduce packaging use, and still get the flavours of soap that least irritate my fragrance sensitivities! Thank you, Vermont Soap, for making these slightly less expensive and cosmetically “subpar” cuts of soap available for purchase!

    Savannah from Rockport, MA

  22. Fantastic soap!

    This is the best made, natural soap sold at an affordable price! I encourage you to try it, and then be a happy Vermont Soap customer! Made in the great USA! Enjoy!

    Larry from NYC

  23. Mrs.

    I LOVE this brick soap. I’ve been ordering this for myself and for gifts. I used to buy it from QVC and later through your company. I especially like it during the months. It keeps my skin soft and it does not dry out during the winter.

    Rose Dragan from Pittsburgh,PA

  24. Amazing product.

    Have tried lots of “organic” soaps and have access to many good products produced in my state, but when I used the Citrus Sunrise bar that was a compliment in a mountain cabin we stayed in this fall, I was completely taken by the way this made my skin feel and the lovely delicate scent. NOT overpowering or irritating. My partner has fair sensitive skin and he loved it as well. This is a MUST HAVE all year long, as far as I am concerned.

    Billie from North Carolina

  25. I gave up using soap until I tried Vermont Soap

    I stopped using soap until I stopped at you Middlebury Outlet this summer. I purchased I believe the Rosemary Herb . I love it . The smell is incredible and its not at all drying on my skin. I am back using soap and recently purchased the butter bar and I can’t wait for it to arrive . I am a Vermont Soap Lover and will continue to purchase from you. I love that you can buy the seconds they are wonderful . Keep making great natural scents.

    Marian Lizon from Outlet store

  26. unbelievable results!

    I first purchased liquid unscented aloe Castile soap from Vermont Soap. I tried using it as a shampoo and body wash as well, and was so impressed with the results right away. I have never seen my straight fine but fairly thick hair so beautiful and soft and luscious. My hair is waist length and even then, tangling was minimal and I could brush my hair out wet WITHOUT conditioner which was impossible before. My hair felt squeaky clean but soft and pliable at the same time. The volumizing effect was great, in a good way. I recently received the shea butter bar and used it to wash my hair and body, and oh my…..this takes vermont soap to the next level. It was even better in my hair and my skin literally feels like silk (I was using locally made goat milk soap so I wasn’t using garbage soap in the first place). I my skin used to feel pebbly….now it is smooth and uniform. I used it on my face and while it is too early to tell for sure, I’m pretty sure it has suddenly decreased my face Eczema bc I haven’t done anything different except the soap. Wonderful product ….highly recommend!

    Angela from Michigan

  27. More than just soap

    What an amazingly moisturizing soap.

    Holly Woodruff from Portland, Oregon

  28. Will take some getting used to, but like results so far

    This is my first try at natural bar soap, and bar soap in general. For years I was using Dove body wash but decided to try a more natural SLS-free option.

    Still trying to find my preferred method of washing with it. Right now I am trying a loofah soap pouch. It is hard to get it to lather, but that is due to the pouch itself. I think I will try a general wash cloth next. Also looking forward to using it as a shaving lubricant on my legs. This review is a bit premature but results so far are excellent. I feel clean and it is nice to know there are no moisture stripping detergents.

    Scent is…. I guess the best description is “natural”. Not strong, but definitely preferred over highly-scented body washes that make you stink like roses and clash with your perfume. Overall pleased and looking forward to using my honey bar once this is used up.

    Ashley K from Chicago, IL

  29. Great Deal!

    I have a hereditary skin disease (skin cells become unstuck) and everything that touches my skin hurts it. My skin improved some after I started using this shea butter soap and now I won’t use anything else. This 12 pack saving is a blessing to me. Thank you for supplying it.

    Marie from Montgomery AL

  30. Impressed!

    I have used the naked bars in many flavors and have been impressed by their consistent quality, pleasant scent and longevity. They are gentle and lather well. Great product.

    Darlene Anastas from Massachusetts

  31. Most Effective for Rosacea

    I’ve had adult rosacea for over 10 years. I’ve tried everything the doctor recommended, with unsatisfactory results. Vermont Soap’s Blue Bar is the only remedy that works. I’m very grateful for Blue Bar, that solves my skin problem, with no side effects. Thanks!!

    Priscilla Newcomb from Connecticut

  32. Great deal

    The 3lb box of seconds is a steal, great deal, and has wonderful appeal. I bought 2 boxes for $29.98 each. They were sent out and arrived within a week. The wonderfully clean smelling Blue Bar box had 2 perfect bars in it and the others, ‘travel sized’ perfect for a preschooler to use, were crammed in like sardines. The Lavender Rosewood box had 14 full-sized perfect bars in it. I definitely got my money’s worth!!!

    Bettina Beiersdorf from New York State

  33. Soap is wonderful

    I have ordered this boxed seconds soap and have been very happy with what I got. The soap is wonderful with what I would say is minor irregular sizes . I love that they fill the box with little empty space to spare and I like choosing the Aloe Baby as for me it is gentle on my skin.

    Catherine St Onge from Mt Dora FL

  34. Very pleased

    The Honey bar was my first bar soap purchase from Vermont Soap. I’ve used only handmade bar soap for many years now and I will be using this soap as a regular. It is luxurious with oils that feel wonderful as I wash. In this case the the clove scent is clean like fresh cloves. The cornmeal provides a gentle scrub which is nice for dirty bike shop hands and fine for the shower as well. Looking forward to trying more scents!

    Louise Kasl from Michigan

  35. I love this soap

    I love this soap and when I could not find it at the Big E where I usually get it I was lost. I have used it for years starting when I had severe eczema (cracking hands and fingers that where painful as well as unsightly) which required oral medication along with a topical ointment. After using the Blue bar I have not needed either the oral medication or the topical ointment and it has been years! Every year at the Bg E I pick up at least 20 bars. I hope you are back at the Big E in Springfield MA next fall but for now I will order online.

    Anita from CT