Handmade Organic Bar Soap

Handmade soap is good for YOUR sensitive skin. 

All Vermont Soap handmade certified organic bar soaps are your first choice for people with reactive sensitive skin. We organize our bar soaps by skin type. Oily sweaty skin would not feel clean using a dry skin bar. Dry skin people would feel too “tight’ after using a more astringent oily skin bar.
Many of us rotate our bar soaps with the season and our activity level. Check out the Skin Type Spectrum on every product to make sure that you match the product you want to your personal skin type.

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Reviews Add Yours

  1. Glad I Found Vermont Soap!

    I developed a blister type rash on my arms and legs during chemotherapy. I ordered the cranberry orange soap and it has been amazing! I have not used the steroid cream the hospital gave me since I began using this soap! I wish I could give it 10 stars!

    Tammy T

  2. Bulk. Need I Say More?

    I bought this in bulk right before soap started to fly off the shelves during the Covid-19 pandemic. I saved $$$ buying the soap chunks and I and very happy I did! This soap lasts, washes very well, and the scent is spot on. So if you need soap and don’t want to go to the supermarket buy the bulk chunks and do yourself a favor.

    Ryan in Charlotte, NC

  3. Answer to my painful dry skin

    This has really soothed my painfully dry skin, especially on my back and arms.



    Using several years – I’m a DEVOTED FAN, will never buy soap from another company. Gentle, non-drying, perfect for everyone. This soap is heaven on earth!

    -Amazon customer

  5. Great product. I use it all the time

    Amazon Customer: James J Chin

  6. I wanted to give 5 stars

    Vermont soap doesn’t compromise on their products; they stick to the least harmful ingredients. However, in this case the formulation just isn’t working for me. The smell is somewhat off-putting, the bars are very small and they start off with really sharp edges. The soap doesn’t lather up all that well but I can forgive that because i know a lot of the ‘lather’ from normal soaps is due to harsh chemicals.

    So even though I only can give this one 3 stars I remain a fan of Vermont Soap in general.

    Amazon Customer: MJ23447

  7. Five Stars

    Love this soap!

    Amazon Customer: Laura Pappagallo

  8. LOVE this soap

    Amazon Customer: S. Ertel

  9. Excellent Soap

    We’ve used Vermont Soap for several years. The Honey, Blue and Lavender bars are our favorites. The products are naturally healthy for your skin.


So natural, most bars are certified to USDA Organic food standards by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF).

It takes nearly a month to handcraft a bar of Vermont Soap. Only this 250 year old process yields a bar of soap suitable for the most sensitive skin. Vermont Soap has been making super-mild handmade and organic bar soaps for people with sensitive skin for over 25 years. We start with our own hypoallergenic vegan* soap base of Organic Coconut, Palm, Olive and Palm Kernel oils and add aromatherapy essential oils and botanical extracts to modify astringency for different skin and pore types.

All handmade and organic bar soap is facial quality and are terrific for shaving too. Unscented organic bar soaps like the Shea Butter Bar are often used by people with fine and thin hair for shampooing. Treat yourself to a bar that matches your skin type. Your skin will thank you!

Available in packaged bars, travel sized bars (select best sellers), naked unboxed bars (12 to a box) and occasionally our super saver soap chunks and cosmetic seconds.

For more information see What is Soap?

*All Vermont Soap products are GMO, and Gluten Free, formulated for people with sensitive skin and never tested on animals. Many Vermont Soap products are vegan, except those containing bee products.