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Pet & Horse

Safe, natural and nontoxic for you and your sensitive pet.


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  1. Wonderful

    This works great, and it is the BEST smelling shampoo ever!

    Katherine Nightingale from WINCHESTER, NH

  2. Emily (the dog) cannot thank you enough

    On a vacation trip last summer, we purchased a bottle of your pet shampoo. Our little chihuahua had dermatitis between her forelegs and on her belly that just would not clear up. After just three weeks using your shampoo, she was completely healed. We want to thank you so much for making such a fine product. Rest assured, we are now loyal customers, and Emily (the dog) cannot thank you enough!

    Roma from Omaha

  3. Amazing Pet Shampoo

    A miracle!! Saw this company at the Big E and was talked into trying this shampoo. I’m so glad I did – it’s just amazing! One of my Shih Tzu’s used to get extremely itchy for 3-4 days after getting a bath at home or the groomers. We tried numerous shampoos on her but everything caused her to be itchy but not this one. Will definately be buying more.

    Lisa from Springfield, MA

  4. Lovely scent, gentle cleaning

    Used this on my horse for the first time this weekend & loved it. The scent is soothing & it seems to clean gently w/o drying. My trainer liked it so much that we are going to use it for the entire barn from now on.

    Amanda from Massachusetts

  5. Love, love, love the pet shampoo!

    Love, love, love the pet shampoo! It works wonders on my dog Aster after she rolls in poo while we are out hiking. I use it regularly and she always smells fresh and clean and it keeps her coat shiny and her skin healthy. I even use the pet shampoo on myself sometimes when I run out of shampoo! I also like to use it to scrub down my feet after a long, dirty day in the garden. I love using it because it is safe ,healthy, organic, locally-made, and it works so fabulously!

    Amber from Wolcott, VT

  6. IT WORKS!!!

    We have a dog who is very sensitive to soaps, shampoos, etc… We tried all the “name brand” things and with in minutes of a bath she would be digging and scratching like crazy. We were visiting Vermont several years ago and bought several products including the certified organic pet shampoo. IT WORKS!!! after one bath there was no digging or scratching! We’ve recommended it to several friends and co-workers they even like the product.!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Melissa from Mount Jewett, PA

  7. Relief at last

    Nothing has helped my aging lab stop licking hot spots until we used this product. Also speeds healing.

    Donna Hartley Lucas from Tennessee

  8. Love this shampoo!

    Love this shampoo! My portuguese water dogs’ coats shine and smell great for days after a bath. Leaves their hair shiny and soft. Also bath labs and woodles with the same results.

    Mary Beth Johnson from Oak Island, NC

  9. This is the BEST shampoo!!

    This is the BEST shampoo!! I have tried every shampoo on my dog and she would break out in big red bumps all over her body and itch non stop. This shampoo is amazing, she has never itched once since using this shampoo! Laney loves her bathes now! I can’t thank you enough for this product. My dog is happy to have a bath and her coat is so soft and beautiful.

    kelly from Nebraska

  10. Love this shampoo A+++

    Being a successful groomer I am always looking for great, safe and natural products for my clients. Finally found a shampoo that works fantastic, even on my most sensitive skin doggies. It is not harsh on my hands and its like aromatherapy for me while I am bathing them because of the natural essential oils…I am in love with this product! My doggies come out clean and fluffy! So glad I found it!

    Melissa Donley from East Northport , NY

  11. Pet shampoo the Best

    I discovered Vermont pet shampoo at the big E many years ago. I have gone there almost every year into the Vermont house to purchase it. I was saddened this year as I again went into the Vermont house and no soap was to be found. Me and my puppy I missing the product. I will have to become an on-line shopper.

    Sharon Kurtzman from Norwalk CT

  12. worked wonders

    We used this on our aging cat and this worked wonders to quickly heal the sore spot. I will always use this product for our pets.

    Darlene from Virginia

  13. French Brittany lover

    I accidentally found this company and this soap on a business trip to Middlebury last year. We were a new dog owner at the time so I was trying out various shampoos. This is far and away the best shampoo that I have found anywhere, at any store. Love that it is natural, has a wonderful aroma, cleans well and leaves my dog with a long lasting, silky coat. They nailed it!!

    Chris from Swanton, VT

  14. My favorite horse shampoo! White socks get white!

    Amazing product! This gets my mare’s hind white legs and tail wonderfully WHITE — cuts right through manure and dirt like I couldn’t believe. And it’s gentle! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shampoo!

    Aimee from Massachusetts

  15. Awesome Pet Shampoo

    I am kicking myself, I purchased a Gallon of this several months back when they had some on sale that had not yet been certified as organic, it was a steal. We didn’t get our puppy until 10/1/16 and I just gave him his first bath today. Let me say, a little goes a long way, it smells wonderful and my mini schnauzer’s fur was shiny. It’s all of the oils. I didn’t even need to use a conditioner. If you are hesitant because of the price, please don’t be, it is worth every penny. My fur baby smells so wonderful. Thanks Vermont Soap, I will be buying some of your Castille soap as well.

    April from St. Peters, MO

  16. Absolute best!

    I highly recommend this product for anyone whose pets have hotspots. I use it on my boy (dog), Sakima, he’s a nervous dog at times and it can be hard to get him to leave his spot alone but as soon as I apply the oil he calms down and usually heals in a couple days. On a side note, he got some poison parsnip on his belly skin this summer, and it was very bothersome to him. With only the hot spot oil being readily available and not having dealt with this on a dog I used the oil, it worked great! All in all this is a miracle product for my dogs!

    Natasha from Champlain Islands

  17. Unbelievable Shampoo

    I had the opportunity to stop in this fantastic shop last month when we were in Vermont. I had seen a television show talking about humans using Horse Shampoo. When we entered the store I had asked the owner about this and she told me all about it. So I purchased a bottle to try and it is awesome. You don’t need a lot to wash your hair and it rinses off completely almost immediately. You hair gets a great sheen and is fuller. This is a top notch product.

    JRE from Milwaukee, Wisconsin