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Foaming Soap

Sunshea Organic Foaming Soap has added aloe vera juice, for extra softness and to create a product that is sealed organic by the USDA.

Super mild and luxurious hand, face and body foaming soap. Gently cleanses the face while softly removing eye makeup.

Available in Simply Unscented, Sage Lime Wisdom, Lavender Ecstasy and Lemongrass Zen.

Certified organic product is free of propellants or chemical detergents.

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Reviews Add Yours

  1. Four Stars
    Like the lemony clean smell very much. May buy it again, no matter at what cost. -Kd

    Amazon Customer: EB

  2. Five Stars
    The soap came well packaged and smells great.

    Amazon Customer: BabS.

  3. Loooove
    I’ve been buying this brand for years after starting out buying from a fair in Massachusetts. I love the lemongrass scent as well as lavender. Foaming soap is much more pleasant to use than regular liquid.

    Amazon Customer: MA CT NJ

  4. nice scent, slightly drying, no chemicals

    Amazon Customer: mabg

  5. Great smelling soap

    Amazon Customer: Adam Wood

  6. Best Foaming Soap Ever!

    Amazon Customer: L.A. Wetzel

  7. Love it!!

    Amazon Customer: Saskia Larsen

  8. Wonderful Soap!

    Amazon Customer: catlover

  9. Four Stars

    Amazon Customer: AZ

  10. Gorgeous scent, really good texture

    Amazon Customer: Dawn

  11. Good product

    Amazon Customer: jj99eric

  12. Five Stars
    This is the only hand soap I will use, it helps keep my skin problems under control.

    Amazon Customer: Lisa

  13. Gentle on your hands

    Amazon Customer: Jacqueline Walker

  14. Wonderful soap!

    Amazon Customer: J.W.

  15. Best unscented foaming soap around

    Amazon Customer: F. Neumann

  16. Won’t go back to commercial hand soaps

    Amazon Customer: judy meisner

  17. too expensive

    Updated review: reduced stars from 5 to 3. It is still the same product. But I just found that a national, well known, organic grocery store chain, that are headquartered in Austin, sell an equivalent product 60% cheaper – I feel deeply cheated. Never buying this again!

    Great soap! Found this semi randomly on Amazon when looking for a dye and fragrance free, non-antibacterial, foaming soap. Dye and fragnance free because I understood that that is what most people react to. No anti-bacterial soaps because they usually contain alcohol and thus dehydrate. Foaming because then you use less of it

    I was struggling with extremely dry hands as we are the parents of young children and wash our hands very often every day. Even when our soaps in the house were all “with a quarter moisturizer cream”. Switched to this soap and starting regularly using Neutrogena fragnance free hand cream, hands went from scaring people all around me to practically all clear.

    Amazon Customer: T Claes

  18. First time using this product and we all seem to love it here at our office

    Amazon Customer: Tracy M

  19. Love this organic handsoap!

    Amazon Customer: mosslake

  20. Perfect for a child with skin allergies

    Amazon Customer

  21. okay smell
    Not as great as I expected. Product came it is small for the money. Smell is light not too organic smelling. Hands feel clean after use.

    Amazon Customer: tennisgirl

  22. Super
    When visiting relatives in New England, I found this soap to be perfect for welcoming company. Thanks to you, I now welcome my guests with the same. This was a perfect transaction. Thank you.

    Amazon Customer: mimigayle

  23. Best soap
    I have been using this soap for over two years and just love it. Guest comment on the smell but I love that it is organic.

    Amazon Customer: dbc

  24. Relaxing is the key to lavender
    If you are stressed even a little, the soft like lavender fragrance with be appreciated. Little pricey but well worth it.

    Amazon Customer: My Precious Tia

  25. Five Stars


    Amazon Customer: Melody L. Parsons


Q: Sometimes my pump dispenser seems clogged and the soap shoot straight out rather than down. How can I unclog the pump?

A: Rinse the pump and the container under warm water in between refills. Because our foaming soap is made without chemicals or preservatives, it’s important to give everything a good rinse before you refill.