Simply Unscented

Fragrance free soap products will have a faint soapy aroma. Those are real soap molecules you are smelling – no essential oils are added to the mix.


Organic Saponified Oils (Coconut, Olive and Jojoba), Rosemary Extract, Organic Aloe Vera

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  1. The Only Soap We Use – Ever

    We use this soap primarily for hands, bath and shower, and I never purchase any other soap. We love it- it’s gentle on sensitive skin but tough on dirt. I buy one gallon 2-3 times per year, and it is all we ever need for our family. I used Dr. Bronner’s for years, and this is by far the better soap. Also we are glad to support a homegrown New England company!

    JH in Lakes Region, NH

  2. You get what should be expected from organic soap

    I think this product is great. I saw a few reviews complaining that it’s too thin however Organic soaps should not use fillers for consistency. It has a slight grainy scent but it doesn’t stick and it has no added fragrances. One bottle practically last a single person one year. I used a foaming soap dispenser to stretch it out.

    Amazon Customer: S. Black

  3. Awesome soap – NO Toxins
    I love this soap, I have used it for everything in my home from washing dishes to washing baby. I don’t buy shampoo either I use this and mix in some glycerin. Using this soap from day one my child has never had any dry skin or rash problems. I cannot recommend these guys enough. Even Dr. Bronner has cancer causing ingredients. Look at the Skin Deep website. There is not a single bad ingredient in this soap. Well worth the price. I saw a review that said the soap is too thin. I did find that to be the case but what I did was put it in a foaming bottle and it works perfect (A trick it to water it down a bit in the foamer and save on soap).

    Amazon Customer: Mariah

  4. Rosemary scented
    Seems to be pure soap in that it cuts grease well. However, it has rosemary extract, which gives it a slight smell of rosemary.

    Amazon Customer: Steven Wilcox

  5. Awesome for homemade cleaning products
    This soap is working great and I feel comforted to use a non-chemical cleaning agent when I clean my house.

    Amazon Customer: Jamila S.

  6. It’s Soap

    I was looking for non-antibiotic, non-smelling soap to refill 2 foaming hand soap dispensers.
    I mix this about somewhere between 50/50 and 60/40 soap to water (as I refill the containers)
    We go through one of these/year at my house so I think it’s a great value and I like the soap.
    I do notice that I have to clean out the nozzels of the pumps about once a month with hot water or soap builds up in there.

    Amazon Customer: Travis R. Nichols

  7. MCS and allergy approved
    Works for MCS and allergy patients.

    Amazon Customer: Joshua Ready

  8. Good soap but don’t overbuy – it goes bad over time
    If you know what castile soap is then I don’t need to sell you – it really is a better soap than any other soap you will want to use. So I went ahead and bought a couple gallons hoping i’d be stocked up for awhile – this was a mistake, because it smells like it goes rancid. Which makes sense – natural plant oils aren’t going to last forever and I shouldn’t expect that vs chemical crap that will last forever – but this is NOT an item you can stock up a 5 year supply on or save money by buying huge quantities of like I thought.

    Amazon Customer: MidwestGuy

  9. The best castille I’ve found
    So far I’ve only reviewed a few products out of many hundreds I’ve bought here. As I was sending a link for this soap to a friend, I saw it had only one review, and that was four stars. This is the best castille soap i’ve found. Highly rated for its lack of bad chemicals, yet it foams pretty well and feels good.

    Amazon Customer: Patenator

  10. Gentle liquid soap
    Nice organic and free of harmful chemicals liquid soap. We use this soap for hand washing, washing dishes by hand and for a recipe for homemade laundry detergent and also for cleaning surfaces.

    Amazon Customer: Gs

  11. Use a FOAMING BOTTLE :-) Good for psoriasis too!!!

    I’ve been using this soap for some times now as a hand soap. I just recently began using it for a body soap and shampoo.

    I highly recommend getting a FOAMING BOTTLE. This soap works great with foaming bottles, even at 1/2 dilution!!!!

    As for a body soap: I don’t swim much, but after a visit to the local swimming pool, my skin would become dry and itchy from the chlorine. That stopped after I started using this soap as a body wash after a dip.

    I also have psoriasis at the base of my scalp. Regular psoriasis soap with the acid bothers my wife. I started using the JustNatural Psoriasis shampoo with some result. But the combination of JustNatural Psoriasis shampoo with a post rinse of the Vermont Soap really improved my scalp condition. The psoriasis hasn’t completely gone away, but it is in control and is shrinking. I’ll see if it goes away after a few seasons worth of use.

    My wife uses this as a body wash now and is getting good results also. She now don’t have to use as much body lotion to keep her skin from drying.

    Amazon Customer: bikerthai

  12. Good product
    Like the product and a little goes a long way.

    Amazon Customer

  13. Better than Dr. Bronners in my opinion
    Love this soap! Its used in my homemade shampoo recipe and gets my hair so clean, light feeling, and volumized. It’s a little expensive, but It lasts for a long time, and I solely keep it for use in my shampoo. I buy Vermont Soap instead of Dr. Bronners because Bronners has Tocopherol or Vitamin E in it. Studies show that too much vitamin E could have cancer risks to body. The environmental working group rates this with research shown on their site EWG/skindeep. It’s technical and difficult to read but Dr. Oz also put out some stuff on this topic if you want to read. So I get my daily recommended dose of vitamin E through some of my foods and my multi vitamin. I don’t want to get any extra through my soap I use daily. So this soap is preserved with rosemary extract instead and has a long shelf life. Love it!

    Amazon Customer: Em

  14. Excellent soap – easy on hands

    Amazon Customer: bosconi

  15. Four Stars

    Amazon Customer: Alonza Motley

  16. will buy again

    never dried out my hands
    worked in four different dispensers

    Amazon Customer: Kurgan9

  17. Organic with no questionable ingredients like some of the other castile soaps on the market

    Amazon Customer: Home Cook

  18. Vermont Soap – Unscented not scentless

    Amazon Customer: Zachary Roehrs

  19. Real Deal Castile

    Amazon Customer:

  20. Happy Homemaker in ND

    Amazon Customer: KBern

  21. Five Stars
    Good quality, Affordable

    Amazon Customer: Lisa

  22. Five Stars
    I have ordered this several times.

    Amazon Customer: CCB

  23. and it is my favorite and all I ever use
    I’ve been using this soap for many years, and it is my favorite and all I ever use. I buy it by the gallon.

    Amazon Customer

  24. Four Stars
    Used to make my own Bath Wash and this product worked perfectly

    Amazon Customer: Barbara T

  25. Four Stars
    Wonderfully mild on a face that has logged many days in the sun.

    Amazon Customer: Peggo