Yoga Mat Cleaner

Daily Cleaning: Spray 3 times onto a wet cloth or paper towel and lightly scrub. Wipe down mat with clean cloth and air dry.

Medium Cleaning: Lightly spray onto mat. Rinse, wipe dry, air dry

Deep Cleaning and Restoration: Spray directly onto mat and soak 3 minutes. Work into a lather with a wet cloth, rinse, wipe dry and air dry. Repeat if needed.

Yoga mat should be completely dry before storing.


Regular use will extend the life of your sticky mat so order a bottle today! To prevent leaks or accidental sprays, our sprayers feature a locking mechanism. Please be sure to click it off before using.

Free of synthetic chemicals like artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, alcohol and detergents. Cruelty and animal byproduct free. Not tested on animals. Safe for skin contact and sensitive individuals.

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  1. Fresh and Clean Yoga Mat
    This product has worked very well at keeping my yoga mat clean after my yoga/meditation classes. The soap appears to remove all traces of body oils and sweat, and leaves no residue. It’s now a ritual for me to use this soap to wash off my mat after every yoga session. The soap leaves the mat squeeky clean, and smelling lemony fresh. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Amazon Customer: Mark1013

  2. Fantastic!
    I ordered this for my Yogitails mat and wow! One use, cleaned my mat beautifully and the kinda rubbery smell of my mat is totally gone. We live in a 1922 double shotgun so the floorboards are laid directly on the joists and there is no barrier to keep out the dust. So no matter how much you sweep there’s dust and it tends to get all over the bottom of my mat. Really happy this stuff gets it out and doesn’t interfere with the tackiness of it either. Just an FYI they changed the sprayer on it and it takes a couple of pumps to get it flowing well. Nice light smell once it drys; however be aware as another reviewer said you spray too much it can be a bit overwhelming.

    Amazon Customer: Shannon Wolf

  3. Yoga mat cleaner than soap and water
    This product got more of the gunk off my well used yoga mat that scrubbing in the shower with soap and water.

    Amazon Customer: tango191191

  4. Great Product!
    I love this stuff. Smells great and cleans my mat without harsh chemicals. Has a nice, light, clean smell. Dries fast.

    Amazon Customer: Donna43

  5. Great mat cleaner
    I practice Bikram daily, so a good mat cleaner is important. This leaves my mat smelling nice, and was a great value too. I think the 16oz size will last me for a while.

    Amazon Customer: Amanda

  6. Yoga mat essential
    Great-smelling, organic mat cleaner. Cuts through grease well and leaves no residue.

    Amazon Customer: BC

  7. Great Product
    I love Bikram yoga but I hate what it does to my yoga mats. This makes my mat smell great and it’s a gentle way to get it clean. You don’t need a lot so you can really make it last.

    Amazon Customer: A. Gift For You

  8. Would recommend.
    Works very well and smells nice!

    Amazon Customer: Jenna Deterling

  9. Good Product, Poor packaging

    The product seems great, I have only used it once to clean my yoga mat but it seemed to work well and smelled good.
    The bottle that the product came in broke before I had the chance to spray it once. I transferred it into a different bottle and that is how I had to use their product.

    Amazon Customer: Erin T.

  10. Three Stars
    The product was too oily.

    Amazon Customer: Selma Lee Arch

  11. Five Stars
    Nice fresh scent, as well as being a great cleaner. Refreshing.

    Amazon Customer: CAD

  12. Good basic mat wash
    The mat cleaner cleans well and easily (just spray on mat, let sit for a bit, and wipe off with a towel) and has a smell that is unlikely to offend anyone (slightly orange-y). However, I was hoping for more of a scent. There is a lot in the 16 oz bottle; I use it to clean my bathroom floors now too and still don’t think I’ll be running out any time soon. All in all, a good product, but I don’t think I’d repurchase due to the uninspiring scent.

    Amazon Customer: L. Huynh

  13. Awesome

    I love this product. I spray it on a damp wash cloth, but it in a zip lock bag and bring it with me to yoga. It makes it easy to wipe down my mat after class, and keeps it fresh enough for weeks. This product also does a great job of deep cleaning.

    Amazon Customer: Ettigrib

  14. Fresh smelling mat is a squirt away
    I like this, it smells good, it freshens a sweaty yoga mat, just as it claims it will do. It will last quite a long time.

    Amazon Customer: Eddie Lynn

  15. Fantastic and easy to use
    I absolutely love this yoga mat wash by Vermont Soap Co. It is easy to use and I find that I clean my mat more often because of its easy use. The first use helped to remove the slimy residue that I had on my new mat. Since my mat is so thick and can’t be washed in the washing machine, my only option was to wash it by hand. I actually like this product much better than washing it in the machine. Your mat will smell fresh and clean too! I think the price is fair as it will last you awhile.

    Amazon Customer: swimmer mom

  16. Lovely Lemon Smell
    This cleaner gets my mat in its nitty gritty divets and it smells heavenly! The bottle is different then pictured, it’s an opaque white spray one (like you’d see for Windex) instead of a see-through spritzer.

    Amazon Customer: SM

  17. Five Stars
    I love the smell of this product. Cleans really good.

    Amazon Customer: Maebel Tinoko

  18. Best value I have found!
    I have tried a couple yoga mat cleaners and this one is my favorite for money. Has a great squirt pump for getting the product on the mat reliably.

    Amazon Customer: Rusty

  19. Fresh smell easy to use
    I really enjoy the fresh clean smell and that its easy to use. A light spritz for normal use and a good lathering and rinse after more vigorous sessions leaves my mat fresh and clean. I intend to keep this product on hand.

    Amazon Customer: stevip

  20. Nice Product
    The only negative was that this arrived and had leaked during shipping – half of the bottle remained so I kept it and have used it to clean my yoga mat 3X’s a week after hot yoga

    Amazon Customer: SF

  21. Ventilate

    I’ve been using this to clean my yoga mat but the scent that comes off of it is pretty sharp and induces a cough. It reminds me of raw ginger though I don’t think that’s on the ingredient list.

    Fortunately it does the job AND has no artificial or harmful chemicals

    Amazon Customer: Siren

  22. natural cleaner for your yoga mat
    This mat spray is made with essential oils…which are natural and chemical free. What else would you want to wash your yoga mat with? The esential oils leave behind a nice aroma that lingers into your next practice. Be careful not to overuse, particularly if you have a sensitive nose though. I just use a couple squirts and spread it thin over my mat. It is also effective to kill bacteria and fungus on mats when you are sharing mats with others. Buy the small bottle if it is for yourself, the big one is huge! I don’t know it’s shelf life.

    Julianne Englander

  23. Creat cleaner, strong scent
    Great cleaner, no problems so far. It works well, cleaning my Jade mat and helping my hands stick a little better. I tend to use just a 2-3 quick sprays on a damp cloth after each practice, as the scent is quite strong. Deep cleaning with the bathroom fan on works when using more of the product. Overall I am pleased with it, and use it to clean my massage table as well.

    Amazon Customer: Christina

  24. Excellent Mat Cleaner

    Amazon Customer: JNL220

  25. Organic yoga mat cleaner

    Amazon Customer: JS