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Keep your toilet FRESH and SAFE between cleanings.

iZaroma combines the power of alcohol with REAL botanical essences.


Active Ingredients: Non-GMO Ethanol (from sugar cane) - 70%
Other Ingredients: Natural Essential Oils - 2.25%
Triple Filtered Water - 27.75%

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  1. I love it!

    Thought I would try it out while on sale.  I ordered Yukon, it’s a light outdoorsy scent, very nice.  I usually have a hard time staying on top of keeping the toilet as clean as I like, but since I sprayed around the back and rim, it doesn’t get soiled as fast.  What? yeah, I sprayed it on, and the alcohol in it dries as you wipe and is squeaky clean, it’s quite amazing.  After having this about a week, I’m back for a couple more, I’m that impressed.  It leaves the clean area super shiny with NO streaking, smells are gone, this is awesome.

    nora zabowski from michigan