All Purpose Multi-Surface Alcohol Based Cleaner

The power of 70% alcohol meets REAL essential oils

Spray on non-coated eyeglasses, kitchen and bathroom countertops, telephones, keyboards, remote controls, door knobs and handles, fitness equipment and mats, shopping cart handles, car keys, bathroom fixtures and seats and more.  Spray on ALL water safe surfaces and let it evaporate, leaving behind safe surfaces and a fresh, minty fragrance.

Ingredients: 70% ethanol with organic and natural peppermint and eucalyptus oils

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Organic Ethanol denatured with Organic Peppermint Oil, Natural Peppermint, Eucalyptus Oils

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  1. a perfect water surface pre-spray

    Yes iZaroma shines up the cleaned area amazingly. So shiny and fresh smelling. No awful chemical scent. But we use it as a pre-spray on water surface to prevent bathroom odors. It’s a natural alternative to the products on the market sold for this purpose. Tundra scent is perfect for this! You could even add that to the label so that guests know they can use it for this purpose. I like to provide guests with this type of product but cannot stand the horrid smell of the mainstream stuff. Thank you!!

    EB from Vermont

  2. I love it!

    Thought I would try it out while on sale.  I ordered Yukon, it’s a light outdoorsy scent, very nice.  I usually have a hard time staying on top of keeping the toilet as clean as I like, but since I sprayed around the back and rim, it doesn’t get soiled as fast.  What? yeah, I sprayed it on, and the alcohol in it dries as you wipe and is squeaky clean, it’s quite amazing.  After having this about a week, I’m back for a couple more, I’m that impressed.  It leaves the clean area super shiny with NO streaking, smells are gone, this is awesome.

    nora zabowski from michigan