Body Wash

Organic Body Wash

The Mildest Organic Body Wash EVER MADE

This new formula organic body wash is the mildest gel soap product we have ever seen. Made from lots of organic aloe vera and organic shea butter, sunflower, jojoba, coconut and olive oils for an extra gentle extra foamy experience for your entire body.

With a 95% organic ingredient content and a wide range of skin soothing ingredients; this may be the mildest body wash you have ever tried. Available in Sage Lime Wisdom, Lavender Ecstasy, Lemongrass Zen, Baby & Kids Unscented and Simply Unscented. Sold in 2oz, 12oz pumps and 64oz refills.


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  1. It’s USDA certified

    I used this product for what it was. At first it wasn’t soapy enough. I had to squirt a bit more which led to waste :(. I also tried to use it for shampoo but wasn’t a fan. Might buy again

    Amazon Customer: Ant

  2. Sunshea Body Wash Unscented

    I am soooooo thankful to have ordered this small sample! I have suffered from cracked and bleeding “cuts” around the skinfolds near my nails and after 2 days of using this soap the sores are healing-amazing!… usually soap irritates but this is a miracle balm.

    Patti from Frankenmuth

  3. Natural

    Amazon Customer: 2177224955

  4. Very fragrant!

    Amazon Customer: Dorothy Strah

  5. Organic Natural Soap / Non Toxic and safe to use

    Amazon Customer: Heather Malkani

  6. All natural

    Amazon Customer: Ray

  7. Organic

    Amazon Customer: AmazonCustomer

  8. Amazing Soap!

    Amazon Customer: Dempsey

  9. perfect soap

    Amazon Customer: shoplee

  10. Perfect for the bath!

    I love the scent of the lemon in this body wash! The wash is clean and fragrant…Perfect for the bath!

    Amy Adams from Torrington, Connecticut