Why is it that long time Vermont Soap users consistently look younger than their chronological age? We’ve taken the most potent anti-inflammatory botanicals we know of and formulated these moisturizing and anti-aging products for you.

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  1. OMG Wonder cream/gel/ointment
    This stuff is so good at moisturizing and its main scent is strong pure lavender plant essential oil, not flowery. This is my favorite scent, and when used more than a bit on the face can open the sinuses and be very calming and soothing, both to mood and skin. You cannot go wrong with this product. Rub it under nose, on throat and upper chest if you have sinus congestion and don’t rub in all the way, let it slowly absorb. Wonderful aromatherapy.

    Amazon Customer: not active

  2. I cannot believe how great my skin looks and feels after using this

    I cannot believe how great my skin looks and feels using this. I was driving home from a yoga class the other day, having used it after my shower. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the sun visor, and I thought, “Radiant!! My skin looks dewy and radiant!!” And I am no Spring Chicken, so it’s kind of awesome to feel that way. In bright sunlight.

    As another reviewer mentioned, it does take a little time to absorb, but once it does absorb, it really feels like it’s making a difference in my skin!

    Usually when I fall this much in love with a product, it costs an arm and a leg. Plus, they used to sell it in little bottles – hard to get the product out after the first few uses. I wrote them about my issues, and lo and behold, they’ve switched to an “easy to scoop” jar!! Love, love, love!!!

    Amazon Customer: wywalk

  3. Five Stars
    Amazing balm, bye bye dry cuticles!

    Amazon Customer: Jeanette Carman

  4. You will not be disappointed
    This is a MUST for my skin every day! Wrinkles under the eyes are gone!

    Amazon Customer: White Bird

  5. Glowing skin
    Another great product from Vermont Soap. My skin glows at 60. 🙂

    Amazon Customer: wyshops

  6. green gold
    love this product best moisturizer

    Amazon Customer: Kim E. Minasalli

  7. Best anti aging face lotion ever !!
    I was skeptical to try this product when it was given as a gift. I have very sensitive skin and oily lotions have always made me break out. I’m an Oil of Olay Senstive Skin brand kinda gal. But I liked that this product was organic so I gave it a try. I love it!! I use it every night. It is oily at first but my skin just soaks it up and feels great!! I will never use anything else!!!

    Amazon Customer: Amy McCutcheon

  8. My face tingles a little when I use this product…
    My face tingles alittle when I use this product. Very small amount for the price paid. Also, as a former nurse who is very into organic and natural products, I am a stern advocate for ALL ingredient(s) labeling so a customer is AWARE of any ingredients that could potentially cause an allergic reaction. Otherwise, I will continue to use sparingly. Thank you, Diane O. Gibson

    Amazon Customer: Diane O. Gibson

  9. The Best Moisturizer for Me
    I bought this moisturizer to replace a product I used religiously, that was discontinued, based on the ingredient list. I am a “dry” person and this moisturizer goes on greasy-ish (like my former moisturizer did), absorbs quickly, and leaves my skin smooth to the touch. I’m not necessarily trying to hide my age, but, I do find that well moisturized skin lends itself to a more youthful appearance. I’ve also used it on my cuticles and dry elbows. The smell is appealing to me, but I favor the “hippie” scents. It’s a woodsy, sandalwoody, hippie smell. Vermont Soap Company sells an unscented version on their website.

    Amazon Customer: Croaker Norge

  10. Angel, soft skin
    This moisturizer is very delicate and gentle with my skin. It has a lovely scent and my skin feels pampered every time I use it. It is a great, quality product, just like all the products sold by Vermont Soap. I highly recommend this moisturizer!

    Amazon Customer: Bee

  11. Pure: a 3-ingredient, ointment-like buttery oil-balm for face or body

    Shea Butter is notorious for taking FOREVER to absorb into skin. By adding hempseed oil (rich in EFA’s), you get the benefits of shea but more emolliency for spreading and absorbing into the skin. The consistency is of an ointment-like balm, melts with your body heat and transforms into a liquified oil. Pat it on undereyes (the lavender essential oil fragrance won’t sting), lips, cuticles, cracked heels, anywhere you like. Like many oils, the residual is still a little oily, so be sure to wear this at night to allow it to soak in. Personally, i prefer liquid oils vs. those in a “solid state”.

    It’s thick and concentrated so just a dab will do — this jar can easily last a year if used on just spot areas.

    Amazon Customer: nycgirl

  12. Green Gold is the BEST
    I have been using GREEN GOLD for over a year now, and will use nothing else. I tossed all the other store-bought moisturizers I had. I keep an extra jar in my refrigerator so I do not run out. As a 63 year old woman, this product adds a glow to your skin without making it greasy. I highly recommend it. Living near their factory store in Middlebury, I buy all my products from them, including my soap, shampoo, dog shampoo, tooth salt, beauty mask. You cannot go wrong with their products. Definitely give Green Gold a try.

    Amazon Customer: Mike

  13. I love that it is organic but the smell is unpleasant …

    I love that it is organic but the smell is unpleasant and it feels super greasy. It’s expensive for the size. I’m worried it could make me break out. I’ll continue to try it and wait and see.

    If my skin looks amazing in a few weeks I’ll give it a better review—but presently I don’t think I’d buy it again.

    Amazon Customer: Lotus10

  14. Five Stars

    Amazon Customer: tulivt

  15. Five Stars

    Good stuff

    Amazon Customer: Ray M Crowley

  16. Great organic moisturizer!

    Amazon Customer: RSG

  17. Simply the Best!!

    Amazon Customer: Petunia

  18. Clean, safe moisturizing

    Amazon Customer: Jeanette

  19. Nice moisturizer

    Amazon Customer: Rick Conder

  20. I love it. The first balm that melts in my hands and actually works.

    I love it so far. It’s the first balm I used that actually melts in my hand, so I only need a small amount to moisturize my face and body. My skin is very sensitive and I have used oils, creams, and butter that only lead to breakouts on my skin. This the first balm I found that also doesn’t use coconut oil since coconut oil is extremely heavy for my skin and just destroys it. In constrast, this product smells wonderful and spreads evenly on the skin, and it absorbs well on the skin which leaves my skin moisturized without that oily greasy feeling. I used this product right after my shower and it was like a miracle in a jar. However, the size is extremely small, it seems pocket sized so I brought another one so I can keep one as a backup in the fridge, when I ran out. It is also a great hand moisturizer, it leaves your hands very soft. It definitely melts at room temperature so I recommend following the directions on the container and keeping it in your fridge so it stays fresh and solid. When you want to use it, I recommend leaving it at room temperature for a bit so it becomes soft and easy to spread and only use a dab about less than a pinky size, since a small amount of this balm is enough to spread evenly on the body and face.

    Update after over a week of using

    This product is a miracle. My blemishes are healing and my skin is becoming more even toned. My skin is smoother,softer, and more moisturized. I love this product, but make sure you buy it directly from Vermont soaps because my product was smooth and easy to apply, when I brought it from Vermont soaps, but when I ordered from another seller, I received a product that completely melted even though it was shipped during a cold winter. Therefore, I had to physically mix the product with some essential oils to get the smooth consistency of my original product. I also recommend applying at night, it can be greasy at first so giving it time to absorb overnight seems to leave the skin soft and supple in the morning. I also used this product on my thick curly hair and it helps my hair to stay soft and moisturized, when nothing else worked. I only wish it came in bigger sizes, because I been using this product everyday and only using a pinky size, but my product is already halfway done from using it on my hair, face, and body for about 2 weeks. It’s an amazing moisturizer but very small so I recommend buying two so it can at least last a couple of months.

    Amazon Customer: rpglovertash