Air Fresh Aromatherapy Spray

Uplift your mood and brighten your world!

Freshen and revitalize your home, car, bathroom and work place with Air Fresh Aromatherapy Spray. Made with real essential oils in the soap blends that you love with specially filtered water and a tiny drop of castile soap to keep it all from separating. Made safe nontoxic and natural. Stop spending a small fortune for fake aromatherapy room scents and questionable chemical additives. Vermont Soap is the company you can trust to always keep it natural.


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  1. Smells amazing!!

    Amazon Customer: Jodi L Book

  2. Fives Stars

    Amazon Customer: jo jo

  3. Not just a room spray!

    I have this on my desk ( and other scents around the shop and home). In a pinch I grabbed it when finding a flea on our shop cat. Dousing the flea on my desk, which did kill it like dunking in a dish of soapy water, I wiped the mess up and realized this spray makes a great general wipe down cleaner. Probably a pretty similar formula to the one Bob put on the Soap blog.

    I enjoy the earthy scent of the sage and it does not bother my cat. You do need to be carefully with even natural essential oils and cats.

  4. The best air freshener I’ve used in a long time

    This product is the best air freshener I’ve used in a long time. A much better one than a store bought brand.

    Josh from Denton ,Texas

  5. Now my home is even more enticing!

    I just rec’d my order of your new Aromatherapy Air Fresheners. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Delicious fragrances! I ordered your lavender, patchouli (my personal fragrance – wear it daily) and lemongrass. Each one creates a long lasting, uplifting note. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I ordered the 16 oz refills and will continue to do so. My home is even more enticing with this wonderful product. Sincerely, Sima V

    Sima V from Phoenix, AZ

  6. Uplifting & Purifying!

    I bought the Lemongrass, Patchouli (my daily personal fragrance) and Lavender. They cleanse the air and leave a delicious and well balanced fragrance in all rooms of my home. They are truly addicting! Thank you for creating them!

    Sima Verzino from Phoenix, Az

  7. Sacred Sage Spray

    I love this spray! I used to burn sage, both for the smell and cleansing ritual tied to it, but this spray is amazing and so much easier to use. The smell is amazing.

    Carol Bradford from Columbus, Ohio

  8. Wow!

    Just received the Lavender Air Fresh and WOW, it’s such a beautiful light lavender scent, I just want to eat it!! I got the 8 ounce but will surely be getting the larger size to keep my supply going. It has an ultra fine mist and will be amazing to all areas of my home, and work too, yay!

    nora z from MI