Shop By Skin Type

We've spent years perfecting our formulas so that our products have just the right amount of moisturizers and the right essential oil and herbal combinations to gently and naturally take care of your skin.  Not all skin is created equal (learn how to test your skin type here) so we've devised these handy categories to help you find products that work for your skin type.  Watch for this skin type graphic as you shop to help guide you.


Do you have rashy, itchy, flaking irritated skin? Does your skin get over-dry or over-oily after using “normal” products? Do you avoid trying new products because you are afraid that they will hurt you?

Welcome to the club, you have sensitive skin! 

And so does Larry the Soapman, founder of Vermont Soap and author of “The Reactive Body Handbook” which you can download for free at

Larry could not use any topical products he tried without irritation. That is why, in 1992, he founded a company for people with sensitives skin and sustainable sensibilities. 

If you or someone you love has troubled, sensitive, reactive skin we want to welcome you to our soap family!