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Making Soap for the People Since 1992

Handmade Organic Bar Soap

Handmade, organic soap for even the most sensitive skin.

Green Cleaners

Turn YOUR home into a nontoxic household with our green cleaners.

Organic Deodorant

One of the first underarm protection products to meet USDA organic food standards and one of the few that actually work.


Anti-inflammatory botanicals in organic moisturizers.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

Keep your yoga practice fresh and clean with natural products made with organic oils.

Travel & Amenity

With our convenient travel sized products, you’ll never have to leave your Vermont Soap organic goodness at home!

From our organic factory and direct to you. Vermont Soap makes safe, sustainable and effective organic products for your body, pets, and home. We are an organic soap factory and this offers you a unique opportunity to buy in bulk and save BIG! Be sure to take advantage of our dents, bents and discontinued items on our Specials page by signing up for our eSpecials or follow us on Facebook to stay on top of our many great deals available throughout the year.

Be a part of the solution by replacing yucky petrochemical products with yummy sustainable organic ones. At Vermont Soap we are changing the world one body at a time.

Have a question about soaps, organic products or chemical ingredients? He’s got the answers!