Organic Deodorant

Organic Underarm Protection

One of the first underarm protection products to meet USDA organic food standards and one of the few that actually work. Long lasting, durable, US made 3.25 ounce dial up super tube.

Contains up to 40% more product than many other natural deodorants.

You asked us for an organic underarm deodorant that really works and actually lasts. You asked that it be safe, nontoxic, completely natural and sold in a cost effective size. That is not too much to ask for.

“People ask me what the active ingredient is,” Larry Plesent, CEO and founder remarked recently. “I let them know that EVERY ingredient is an active ingredient. This is what natural formulation is about. There ARE no unimportant parts in a properly balanced natural formulation.”


Simply Unscented Organic Deodorant


Made without essential oils, for the most sensitive of skin.  A large part of the effectiveness of organic deodorants is derived from the essential oil blends.  Therefore, it may be necessary to reapply every few hours. Long lasting 3.25 ounce…

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Spicewood Extra Strength Organic Deodorant


Spicewood Extra Strength Organic Deodorant is EXTRA-Strength and EXTRA-Long Lasting for YOUR protection. Smell is reminiscent of Old Spice™; somewhat spicy and masculine but not overpoweringly so. Certified to USDA organic food standards by VOF.  Long lasting 3.25 ounce size.

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Sage Lime Organic Deodorant


Sage Lime Organic Deodorant Stick, one of the first underarm protection products to meet USDA organic food standards. Sage Lime Organic Deodorant is safe, nontoxic and made from 100% organic ingredients for people with sensitive skin and for reactive bodies…

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Lemongrass Zen Organic Deodorant


Lemongrass Zen Organic Deodorant is safe, nontoxic and made from 100% organic ingredients for the entire family. Lemongrass Zen Organic Deodorant Stick is made from 100% organic coconut oil, cornstarch, essential oils and beeswax. Never any propylene glycol, triclosan or…

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Switching from conventional to organic deodorant should be neither traumatic nor dramatic. Different body chemistries work better with some essential oil blends than others so you may need to experiment with different blends. Keep a tube in your day bag in case you have to re-up on especially active days until you get your rhythm with it. Organic deodorants are typically effective for 6 hours (or more). These are not antiperspirants. They work by inhibiting the growth of germs with coconut oil and natural plant extracts in concentrates form (essential oil blends).

Useful hints: Rotate your scent blends every tube or two to keep the germs confused. For best results, store your organic deodorant in the door of your fridge, next to the Green Gold. Not only does it feel really cool going on, but you won’t over apply.

Learn more about organic deodorants on our blog:

What should I expect when switching to an organic deodorant? Switching to an organic deodorant is as easy as buying a new stick and using it, but there will be an adjustment period….

7 Reasons to Switch to Organic Deodorant 
You won’t find any aluminum, propylene glycol, triclosan, or parabens in our deodorants EVER…

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  1. This stuff works

    I have been using this for over a year. I live in Florida so it gets very hot and humid. This keeps me dry and never leaves oil on my clothing. I could be working outside in 98 degree weather, and my under arms are always dry and smell good. This does not clogged pores.

    Stacey in Indian Harbour Beach

  2. Five Stars
    Love the smell!!

    Amazon Customer: Jamie

  3. Five Stars

    one of the better smelling natural deoderants

    Amazon Customer

  4. Five Stars
    smells nice and does the trick.

    Amazon Customer: LINDA B.

  5. Smells good AT FIRST
    Smells good at first, but doesn’t last long at all and starts to smell bad.

    Amazon Customer: Sellout free

  6. Five Stars
    I absolutely love this deodorant. It smells great and works well too, especially putting it in the refrigerator.

    Amazon Customer: HSG

  7. Smells nice, but rubs off on clothes
    Works pretty well, but if don’t rub it in by hand, it leaves a thick white layer on my skin that rubs off on my clothes..

    Amazon Customer: Abraisme

  8. Works great, smells great
    2 out of the last 10 natural deodorants I’ve tried did NOT cause an allergic reaction. This is one of them! Only 5 or so ingredients and super natural.

    Amazon Customer: R.I.

  9. 5 Stars
    Finally an organic deodorant that works! It is very lemongrass-y, but I like that smell. Definitely ordering more!

    Amazon Customer: V

  10. Works for me when others don’t
    I have deodorant issues, and this is the only natural one I’ve found to work for me, of course every body is different. Seriously, I’ve tried a zillion!

    Amazon Customer: Sarah Francisco

  11. Smells great and works

    Smells great and works great

    Amazon Customer: Lynn Ekness

  12. Five Stars

    love it smells great

    Amazon Customer: Yani83

  13. Great product

    Great product.
    A real organic without aluminum and it works

    Amazon Customer: limper55

  14. Love it
    Best organic deodorant that I have ever used! Love the smell and consistency!

    Amazon Customer

  15. Love the smell
    I have very sensitive skin so I can’t use alot of deodorants. I don’t like all the commercial brands that are out there. I like the lemon smell and I don’t have any problems with smell. With the popular brands of deodorants, they leave a film or something on your skin and this one doesn’t.

    Amazon Customer

  16. This is one of my favorite natural deodorants

    This is one of my favorite natural deodorants. I love the smell it’s very nice. There are a couple of issues with it though. It makes stains on my clothes and half of the product remained in the container of the first one I bought. In order to use it I would have to dig it out with something and put it on and that’s not very convenient.

    The price has doubled since I last purchased it so I’m going to look for something different. That’s just way too much money, especially when half of the product isn’t even usable because it stays in the container.

    Amazon Customer: AM

  17. it works

    Amazon Customer: Jeffrey J.

  18. This is amazing. The best USDA Organic deodorant I have
    This is amazing. The best USDA Organic deodorant that I have tried so far. It is even perfect for high intensity workouts at the gym!

    Amazon Customer: PUGLVR

  19. This product was the answer to my needs

    This product was the answer to my needs. It is as strong as it is supposed to be. As organic as it should be. It is long lasting beyond your expectations. It is the healthy choice.

    Amazon Customer: Assil

  20. Most effective natural deodorant I’ve used yet

    Amazon Customer: Ariel Newbury

  21. Purchased for sister in law.

    Amazon Customer: K

  22. strong specific smell

    Amazon customer: O. Smith

  23. Four Stars


    Amazon Customer: Helen K Eustice

  24. Five Stars

    I like it!

    Amazon Customer: Moses Mccarter

  25. Very good, I do not sweat heavily so for me

    Amazon Customer: Jenna